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Manga, Japanese PS2 and games (J and E)

I posted this about a month ago, and figured maybe more people might be interested.

I need cash for art camp in LA!

READ THIS FIRST! Shipping prices are NOT added in. Please comment with your location to reserve an item, and I will find out how much shipping will be. I'm shipping from central Illinois. If you want something that someone else has reserved, please make a better offer. Thanks!

Manga - $5 each unless otherwise marked. All Sailor Moon manga is FIRST EDITION.
Comic Party Vol. 1
Gravitation Vol. 1
Gravitation Vol. 2
Gravitation Vol. 3
Gravitation Vol. 4
Gravitation Vol. 5
Megatokyo Vol. 1 (First edition, no longer available, still has jacket - $8)
Megatokyo Vol. 2
Sailor Moon Vol. 1 ($4.50)
Sailor Moon Vol. 3 ($4.50) ON HOLD
Sailor Moon Vol. 4 ($4.50) ON HOLD
Sailor Moon Vol. 5 ($4.50) ON HOLD
Sailor Moon Vol. 6 ($4.50) ON HOLD
Sailor Moon Vol. 10 ($4 - slight tear in back cover)
Sailor Moon SuperS Vol. 3 ($4.50) ON HOLD
Seven of Seven (Shichiji no Nana) Vol. 1
Under The Glass Moon Vol. 1

CDs (Bought in Japan last year at Bookoff. In good to excellent condition!)
DDR 2nd Mix Soundtrack - $20
DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix Soundtrack - $15
Nonstop Megamix Dancemania 5 - $10
Nonstop Megamix Dancemania 8 - $10
Aa! Megamisama Toukuten Ou CD (Case is cracked) - $35
Aa! Megamisama Karaoke CD (FOUR CD SET, includes kana lyrics and GSC photo/journal packet) - $50

American Games
Guilty Gear X - $15 (NO INSERT)
DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution - $30

Japanese PS2
Selling my Japanese PS2, which I got off eBay for $200. It's in perfect condition, all the wires included, but is MISSING the DVD upload disk thing. Make your best offer, starting at $150.

Japanese ONLY PS/2 games
I'm also selling the following JAPANESE ONLY PS2 games. All are $40 unless otherwise marked.
DDR 5th Mix (Playstation) - $50
DDR Extreme (PS2)
DDR Party Collection (PS2)

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