Jini. (missjoongie) wrote in garagesalejapan,

{VISUAL KEI/J-ROCK FASHION}Real H.Naoto Clothing pt2


Please right click picture- view image for bigger picture

Shipping from US

Accepts: Paypal, Money Order, Concealed Cash

1.Limited Edition H.Naoto Channel H Women's Designer Open Shoulder Cat Ear Hoody

Material: 100% Cotton

Bust 80cm

Height 56cm

Sleeve Length 46cm

Around Arm 24cm

Original Price; $200
My Price; $190 Shipped. (includes shipping)

2. Limited Edition H.Naoto Channel H Women's Designer Angel Long Sleeve Shirt 1

Material: 100% Cotton

Shoulder to Shoulder 32cm

Sleeve Length 57cm

Body Width 34cm

Height 63cm

Original Price; $160
My Price; $150 (includes shipping)


Both basically fit like Freesize (S or M)


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