Jpop Haven (amane_nakashima) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Jpop Haven

[Sale] Japanese Audio Cds and DVDs

Here are few items that wil be added on my selling journal, amane_nakashima

Aiko “Love Like Pop” DVD – 15 USD
Aiko “Natsufuku” album – 10 USD
Aiko “Sakura no ki no Shita” album = 10 USD
Aiko “Utau Inu” DVD – 12 USD
Ayumi Hamasaki “Free & Easy” single – 4 USD
Ayumi Hamasaki “H” single – 4 USD
Do As Infinity “Fukai Mori” single – 4 USD
EXILE “Entertainment” album – 10 USD
Hitomi “Self Portrait” album (double disc) – 12 USD
Hunter X Hunter Kilua Character in CD Series Vol. 2 – 10 USD
W-inds “New Paradise” single – 4 USD
Any inquiries for any items above, pls just comment.
*I ship worldwide using Registered Mail or EMS from Philippines.
* Accepts payment via Paypal
Tags: anime, music: jpop, music: jrock

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