Pirate Miisha (piratemiisha) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Pirate Miisha

Haaaa... new stuff. Lots of new toys this week! Look I copied my own html to organize this really well. To see my full selection as usual, go to:


Dragon Ball Z HUGE Goku figureGreat condition, comes with new stickers to put on him.$8
Emeraldas and Harlock action figure lotAll the pieces of 3 sets are included except one stand is missing the top. Tell the truth though, these figures stand better without their stands :p $10 for all
Jenny Doll, Ganguro StyleYou get the doll plus all these clothes to go with her (click here). Everything in brand new condition just she's not got a box. This is a semi-original creation$20
Mario Brothers plushesBowser and Mario. Neither have tags.$4 each
Pokemon James FigureGreat condition.$7
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Capsule toysSailor Mercury and two Sailor Mars's available.$3 each
Rocky Horror Picture Show Columbia figureGreat condition.$9
Ronin Warriors Cale figureVery good condition$6
Ronin Warriors Ryo figureVery good condition$6
Ronin Warriors loose figuresSage, Talpa and Hariel (?)$3 each
Sailor Moon Adventure FiguresSailor Moon and Sailor Pluto available$3 each
Sailor Moon Capsule toysSailor Moon.$2
Sailor Moon dressablesA little shelfware. Moon, Mercury and Tuxedo Mask available.$5 each
Sailor Moon Fashion PlaysetHas been opened and set up before but all pieces are intact$7
Sailor Moon 6" dolls (old)Sailor Moon, Venus and Mercury+spinner$6 each
Sailor Moon 6" dolls (new)Venus, Loose Venus$6/$4 respectively
Sailor Uranus Dream Pocket dollBox has a little shelfwear. She has been opened once before but everything is intact and she was returned to her box.$20
Saint Seiya Capsule toysAphrodite figure$2
Star Wars Jabba the HuttNo tag.$5

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