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Doujinshi and other items for sale

Hi, I've got a huge stack of doujinshi along with other random items I am wanting to get rid of and was hoping
someone here might be interested. Pricing for all items and photos under the cut!

Discount shipping available for multiple items.

All doujinshi are currently going for $22(usd)+ shipping as many of them are hard to find items however I am more than open to negotiating so please make an offer!

Most in mint or near mint conditions. Items to be shipped in plastic protective sleeves. I accept Pay pal(buyer covers pay pal fees), money orders, checks or (at buyer's own risk) concealed cash.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Thanks!

PLEASE NOTE: Some covers are sensitive in nature and all of the doujinshi are HENTAI, if you would like cover shots please send me a message as I do not want to violate any rules by posting them. I'm sure it goes without saying but you MUST be 18+ to buy any of these doujinshi, NO EXCEPTIONS.

FINAL NOTE: Please check ebay user Manifested_Dreams for my seller history. Thanks!

1 - Fruits Basket:
Tohru x Kyo

2 - Oh My Goddess/Ah Megami-sama:
Keichi x Belldandy

3 - Bleach:
2 Ichigo x Rukia 
1 Rukia x Byakuya

4 - FF7:
Tifa x Cloud

5 - Sailor Moon:
Makoto x Random Males
Ami X Random Males
Hotaru x herself & inner senshi
Usagi X Ami + Mamoru
All Inner Senshi

8 - Neon Genesis Evangelion:
Hikari x Teacher & Shinji x Rei
Shinji x Rei multiple artists
Shinhi x Rei & Shinji x Asuka
Gendou x Rei & Kaji x Asuka
Shinji x everyone(main female cast)
multiple artists
Shinji x everyone(main female cast)
Shinji x Misato
- multiple pairings, stories and artists

Fay Valentine Shirt - $10 or best offer
Initial D shirt - SOLD
Cupcake change purse - $3

Legend of Sage comics - $12 for all or best offer, just want to get rid of them.
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