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Selling some jrock-fliers (´u`)づ

I got some fliers here and there and as I was playing with them ehm, I mean putting them up on my wall XD when I realized I have quite a few doubles, so maybe someone here is interested :D

All fliers under cut, 1€ = 1 flyer :D


ジゴロ // Ji-Go-Ro // 4-5-6 // OHP

アンド // Ando // &Rock // OHP

ANUBIS (EMIRU's (ex-LAREINE) new band) // OHP

Aoi (Bountyrocks vocalists soloproject) // OHP


Cellt // OHP SOLD!!

hurts // OHP (I have 2 of these)

イロクイ。 // irokui. // OHP (doublesided)


Mist // OHP

ネガ // Nega // OHP SOLD!!

オードブル // o-dble // OHP

R // OHP

Sugar // OHP


I'm from Finland and unfortunately I don't have a paypal (I know, I should get one >_<) so I'd prefer payment straight to my bank account or cash via air mail and in euros only! If you're interested, send me a mail to para_para_livenoia@yahoo.com and we'll work out the details :D

And yeah btw, all the flyers are A4 in size and I'll send them out in whatever you want X)

Also, I'm a first time seller here, so unfortunately I don't have any feedback, but I can assure you I'm a nice person to deal with and I do my part of the deal if you do yours :D

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