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Warning post against scammer: chienverde

Hi folks, just wanted to give a warning about a scammer.

Awhile ago, on February the 14th of this year, I paid chienverde US$71 for a Princess Tutu wig. She advertised it on cosplay (here) as well as garagesalejapan (here) which is why I would like to give the warning on both communities. There was a few hiccups with postage and communication and whatnot, but it finally got to the point where she said she mailed it off. That was the 26th of February. It has been more than a month now and I haven't recieved the wig at all. Moreover, I have tried to make contact with her several times. I commented on the sales post several times (which you can see here, please tell me if the link is deleted I have caps), I sent her emails to both of her available addresses, I opened a paypal dispute, escalated it to a CLAIM and she still has not responded to any of it. So, simply put, I have been duped. It's very frustrating and I feel like an idiot for trusting her but the least I can do is warn other people.

Unfortunately I think her selling was a one-off thing so this is probably redundant, but please no one buy from her. I'd like to see her reputation reflect the kind of seller she is.

She is also known as selphie_fairy on cosplay.com.

My crappy caps, because people on another community have informed me they can't see comments after she said she posted it out anymore.
(there are two comments in there which are not in the original anymore cause I deleted them: this is cause they had personal information. I have blacked out the personal information in the caps with my awesome photoshop skillz XD)

Selling Post:
Cap 1
Cap 2
Cap 3

I made these caps about 2 weeks ago, and she has changed her default avatar since then, from whatever pink dog was in my caps to the tan and white dog she has now. So she has clearly been active since then.

Cap 1
Cap 2
Cap 3
Cap 4
Cap 5
Cap 6
Cap 7
Cap 8
Cap 9


I didn't realize that my caps showed no dates cause of the white text. Luckily this doesn't matter cause I saved all my LJ notifications of the comments I made and recieved. But what she has done now is screened everything after 13th of February on the sales post and moreover, deleted the comments that she made after then. This is all I see on her sales post after the 13th of February now, and as a bonus the screening showed up the dates. Where is says "(no subject) - chienverde Expand" is where she has deleted a comment.

She is not getting away with this.

Cap 1
Cap 2
Cap 3

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