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05 April 2008 @ 07:23 pm
Selling costume, fabric, wig and prop + manga!  
First of all, I am selling my old Filia costume.

I took a lot of pictures, and I have noticed the costume needs some little things to be fixed, I'll show you
Ok dress lenght is 114cm / 44.8inch, and width from shoulder to shoulder is 44cm/17.3inch. Waist is the same because it gets fitted to the waist by a "belt". Said belt is 137cm/53.9inch lenght (of real use, because it ends pointy both sides). I am fat and the dress is a bit loose on me but because of the free waist it could fit most sizes.

Ok now to the photos, I have to say nothing is see-through, but the window was open and the sun made some things see-through -.- (and ignore my messy room plz XD)


A general front view of the dress without the belt.


back view with the ribbon/belt


this one to show how the cape closes


dress and cape


to show how the double cape works


back of the cape


the tie. I tried to attach it to the cape but it seems that the buttons fell off x_x


this is how it looks placed on the cape. The half ball is spray painted in blue and it's in a perfect shape, but needs to be glued back and the golden stuff too. And no it's not transparent at all... x__x just a bad photo


this is the other part of the attachment... but the ones in the cape are missing =(


boot covers. Bad quality, and big cuz my legs are BIG.


gloves. they are dirty but other than that they are in good shape


hat. it goes attached to the hair by hairclips...

Offers? anyone interested?

Complete costume of Filia (starting at): 40€ + shipping

Second, I think I am going to sell my Michiru/Neptune wig. Bought it in a whim and well... I am not really going to finish the costume I believe. So I have for selling a lot of light blue fabric and the wig.

The wig is from cosplay-wig at Ebay. I'd like to get for it the most possible. It's been worn just once for photos with a wig cap, haven't been combed or styled in any way, so it's like new. It even has the label attached.

Wig with flash


without flash


Neptune/Michiru wig (starting at): 30€ + shipping

I don't know how much of the light blue fabric I have, I believe it's around 3 metres/3,2 yards. Never used either.


that's as color reference of the fabric... sorry that the picture isn't better.

Light blue fabric (starting at): ??? (please make an offer)

I am also selling a replica of the Deep Water mirror. It's painted in gold as needed it badly. Made of brass.


Again, offers anyone?

Restored Deep Water mirror (starting at): 15€ + shipping


I will be taking offers until next week, then I will pack the items and will tell you the final EXACT price with shipping

I will send a little handmade present together with your package! <3

Also, please take a look at my selling journal -> http://hidekoshop.livejournal.com/
I have there a lot of Spanish manga for sale!
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