Jane (parisarkwsfool) wrote in garagesalejapan,

hide shirt?

When I was at the X Japan concert I bought a hide T-shirt. However, I bought a large because I thought the sizes might be smaller. But they aren't. My friend got a small and we wear about the same size and that one fit her perfectly fine. So I'm wanting to sell my large and buy a small off the LEMONed SHOP online.

It's about $40 on the site. I'm more than happy to sell it for a square $40 with free shipping depending on where you are. I'm assuming this is a cheaper price than what it would take to buy it throught the website.

This is the shirt. The one I have is still in it's plastic wrapping, untouched.

Please comment or email me at@hotmail.com if you have questions or are possibly interested. Thank you.

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