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Consignment Items

*If this is not allowed here, I apologize and will understand if deleted*

I thought I'd let people know that my shop features a rather large selection of consignment anime items. Consignment means we are selling items for individuals (or, in some cases, stores clearing out inventory) for a commission.

Just recently, we figured out how to track such items in our database, so now these items are getting put onto our webstore as well. So if you are interested getting some reasonably priced (or not so reasonable, since the consigners can set their own price) used anime goods, stop by our shop:

Direct Links:
Used Items: Mostly VHS, DVDs, Books, and some LDs

Fan Works: Original Artwork, including clean Dojinshi (hentai dojin in the Hentai section)

Gimme Anime: Main Site.

Other consignments are scattered throughout the webstore because many are unopened. I'm still putting more items up (as well as working on photos) so check back from time to time. ^_^
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