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selling - cds, dvd, vcd (Jap, Kor, Thai)

Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Sol-fa
- Tofu Records edition, comes with a bonus DVD containing 2 live performances. Hardly listened to it.

Chage & Aska - Code Name, 1: Brother Sun
- rental drop, but it plays without any hitches.
- €8,-

Chage & Aska - Red Hill
- €8,-

Chage & Aska - Tree
- €8,-

Cherry Filter - Made in Korea?
- I don't think I've ever really listened to this cd, so it's brand new, really.
- €10,-

AAA - All/2
- Overseas version, special edition, comes with a DVD containing a PV and behind-the-scenes footage. Never really listened to it.
- €10,-

Golf-Mike & Friends - Show Must Go On concert DVD (+ photogallery)
- €10-,

Golf-Mike - Let's Bounce concert VCD
- €10,-

Everything is including shipping, to wherever you live. Payments through PayPal, or cash, but preferably Paypal. Euros only. ^^

Send me an e-mail at faerie[dot]punks[at]gmail[dot]com, if you're interested. ^^
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