keg2007 (keg2007) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Magazine, Poster, Clipping Sales

Hello, I have a few magazine to sell, however, I am only interested in Kazuki Kato, which means I take off his pages and posters, and you will get the rest. The mags are in mind condition. I am also open to sell clippings and posters (I have a couple of other listed in my journal), just let me know who you are interested in.

The posters are $3 each + shipping:
  • One side poster : Miyavi SOLD
  • Two-side poster: Alice Nine & Koji Seto
  • Two-side poster: Acid Black Cherry SOLD

For more, please come to my sale post SALES


Tags: fashion: general, magazines, music: jpop, music: jrock, posters

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