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FS: Manga, Anime DVD's, playing cards, wall scrolls, video games and misc. ANOTHER PRICE REDUCTION!

Another price reduction guys! I really want this stuff to get to a new home ASAP!

Still cleaning up!~ I want this stuff gone so I don't have to give it away to good will so everything is priced cheap!~ For sale info please check the bottom of this post under the sold items cut. Thanks!


Vampire Game Vol 1-9 ($18.00 or $5 each) (vol one slightly damaged on the bottom binding. Does not effect comic pages)

Dragon Knights vol 1-6 ($6.00 for all or $3 each)(vol one slightly damaged along edges and 1+2 are slightly discolored on outside edges. does not effect comic)

Additional pictures: (1)

Inu-Yasha Vol 2 (Reg/small version) ($0.50)
Inu-Yasha Vol 1 (Large Version) ($0.50)
Faeries Landing Vol 2 ($0.50)
Planet Ladder Vol 4 ($0.50)
Fruits Basket Vol 1- ($2) SOLD
Desert Coral Vol 1 ($0.50) SOLD
Juvenile Orion Vol 1 ($0.50) SOLD
Fushigi Yugi Vol 1 Larger version. Damaged in back (pic above) ($0.25) SOLD
Kill me, Kiss me Vol 1 Slightly banged around corners ($0.25) SOLD
Decedent of Darkness Vol 1 ($0.50) SOLD

^SPECIAL DEAL^ Buy all 4 comics above for $1.50!

Set of chapter comics ($1.00 for all)

Saint Tail Chapter comics 1, 11, 13, 14
Dragon knights chapter comics 4+5
Gunsmith cats "Mister V Volume 5 of 11)
Gundam Wing vol 4
Miracle girls vol 11
Slayers vol 1
Inu-Yasha Part 5 Vol 7, 8, 10, 11
Inu-Yasha Part 6 Vol 1 and 8
Inu-Yasha Part 7 Vol 4, 5, 6, 7

How to draw Manga: Getting started I never used this, I got it as a gift @_@ ($3.50)


InuYasha movie ($1)
Pretear 3 ($5) SOLD
Hamtaro and the hamhams ($1) SOLD
Ham-Hams head seaward ($1)
X ($5) SOLD

Demon Eyes Kyo ($1.50) SOLD
Saiyuki Vols DVD 1-2 ($3.50 for both or $3 each)


Additional photos: (1)

Cloud pencil board (I think?) Its in a plastic cover so it is in mint condition. ($3.50)

Hello kitty lights with a light rope ($5)

Additional pictures: (Side 1) (Side 2) (back)

Legend of Dragoon Rose figurine with sword. When I first got her one of her shoulder pads had broken off, I hot glued it back on. Its not noticeable unless you look for it. ($5)

Additional pictures: (1)

Sailor Moon playing card set with instructions ($1.50)

Additional pictures:
Angel Sanctuary 52 playing cards (1) (2) (3) (shows all the cards' faces) ($2.00)
Fushigi Yugi 52 playing cards (1) (2) (3) (shows all the cards' faces) ($2.00) SOLD

These cards have never been played with and are in mint condition. I only put them on display in plastic sheets before putting them back into the plastic hard case.

Rinoa from FF8 pin ($2.50)
Cloud from FF7 pin ($3) SOLD

Additional pictures: (Back) (Side) (Inside)

Hello Kitty Christmas tin lunchpale ($0.50)

WALL SCROLLS (special deals at bottom)

Additional photos: (1) (2)

Card Captors Wall scroll- could use a soft ironing it also has dots on it that could have been in the print (in photos above). ($1.00)

Angel Sanctuary wall scroll, missing plastic end (can use one from the bottom as well) ($1.00)

Special deals!
Get these two for $13.50 including shipping! (shipping is expensive! It's at least $12!)

* Card captors
* Angel Sanctuary


Additional pictures: (Animal crossing memory card)

Harvest moon for game cube ($10)
Luigi's Mansion for game cube ($10) SOLD
Animal crossing (with memory card) for game cube ($10)
The sims Busting out for game cube ($8)

Additional pictures of lunar 2 (1)

Playstation 1 with two controllers and Lunar 2 game (Taking Offers)

Last time I played this it works. Lunar 2 is missing the soundtrack and a necklace it came with otherwise everything else is there.

Punch King for GB advance. ($0.50)

.hack// INFECTION for PlayStation 2 ($5) (also has some of the anime!) SOLD
Final Fantasy X-2 for PlayStation 2 ($10)

These are the only trades I am accepting at this time because I really want them and really would rather have money at this time due to being low on funds. Thanks for the understanding.
  • Mint condition of The Legend of Dragoon for Play station 1
  • Nintendo DS lite Traveling pack (or at least the lighter plug-in DS charger and must work properly).
  • Gothic Lolita bible(s)
  • Paradise Kiss English Manga Vol 1-5


Additional pictures: (1)

Card Captors sushi box. It has scratches around the edges but it doesn't effect the picture. ($0.50)

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings ($30.00) (Mint condition, I only played it once for a short time. At this game goes for $40!) SOLD


I accept Paypal, credit cards and balances, no fees!(I only fee the shipping) I don't accept check/money order at this time. If you want to take a look at some of my feedback just go to my journal- it is on the first post.

Shipping will be calculated once you tell me what you want. I will only place holds 24 hours from the time you ask for the hold. Please note: I am not responsible for your package once I hand it over to the post office! It's up to you to pay for insurance or priority mail for a safer trip to you if you want it! Thanks for the understanding!~<3

All of my items are in mint condition unless otherwise stated.

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