bunbun (discosis) wrote in garagesalejapan,


SHOES! shirt, bags.. yaay! LOOK!

-green polka dot flats, size 9 1/2. worn twice. (okay, so these are from payless before anyone goes off saying that. but keep in mind when you offer me an amount that shipping will be at least $5 dollars. including the packaging.)
-sequin slide flats, size 9. worn once.

-green puffed heart shirt by old navy size youth xtralarge. will fit ladies medium or large. never worn. (this shirt is so cute! but i got it in the wrong size. XD)

-guitar loop nyc clutch. never used.

-horse plush head purse.
-hello kitty coin purse/side pouch.

so here is how this works. i accept well concealed cash and money orders. i also accept trades, and partial trades depending on the items. i haven`t lissted prices because i`d rather YOU make the offer to me, then we work something out. but keep in mind shipping & packaging when you place an offer.
any questions? email me = chibiusa@kuririnmail.com.

things i`m currently looking for are the following;
lamb bags.
flats size 9 1/2 to 10.
cute shirts. (large;xtralarge)
other parcel bags.
sailor moon merchandise.
gloomy bear stuff.
and sanrio/san-x junk.

if you have any of those and don`t want to trade for anything i have, still show me because i can pay! or we can do a partial trade. :)
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