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UFO catchers, Gackt Platinum Box, Pencil Boards, FFVIII, etc

Lots of stuff!! I need more space in my itty bitty room. UFO catcher dolls from Yuu Yuu Hakusho/Final Fantasy IX, Slayers, Pierrot and TMR CDs, Final Fantasy VIII figure keychains, Gackt Platinum Box II etc.

The doujinshi is in perfect condition and focuses on Van and Folken's childhood. Beautifully illustrated. The cover is shimmery. S.H.W. is hands-down my favorite group for story and artwork (along with, of course, phenonenal covers!) but unfortunately school needs to take precedence and I have to start clearing out.

It is NOT BL/Shounen-ai/Yaoi and instead is an account of an event in Folken and Van's childhood. Subsequent volumes appear to move towards BL/yaoi but I don't have them and can't say for sure.

It is 58 pages. B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches). Information gotten from Kagenami Q

$20.00 shipped. I prefer non credit card paypal but can do money orders.


Final Fantasy VIII Laguna Loire and Final Fantasy VIII 3" figure keychains of Squall, Zell, Laguna, and Irvine.

excellent condition Kotobukiya Laguna Loire figure. He stands at 12" tall (1/6th scale) and comes with his machine gun and a collectable card. Has been displayed for a short period of time but is in amazing condition!

The box has some minor shelfwear to be expected with the age of the figure. No crushing of the box though except for a minor dent in the upper back corner. If you displayed him in box it would be invisible unless you looked down from above.

All keychains excellent condition. Never used.

Asking $27.00 for Laguna and $3.00 each for keychains.

Shipping will be $8.00 for Laguna and $3.00 for 1-2 keychains $5.00 for 3-4. (can combine shipping for everything if interested) within the continental U.S. I prefer non credit card paypal but can do money orders.


Found these guys stowed away in the upper reaches of my closet. What kind of life is that?? Make me an offer! Japanese UFO catcher plush of Botan and Kurama from Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Gourry from Slayers, Inu Yasha from Inu Yasha, Garnet and Vivi from Final Fantasy IX  $7.00 each except Botan and Kurama who are $5.00 each.

Photobucket  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Kill Me Kiss Me volumes 1-3 $15.00 shipped as set. Excellent condition.

Gackt Platinum Box II $25.00

DN Angel phone strap $2.00

Pencil boards. $2.00 each


Gackt Secret Garden single $8.00
Rurouni Kenshin cork board $2.00

TM Revolution 0001 tour VHS $15.00

TMR Restoration Level 3 CD $15.00 shipped.

TMR Summer CRUSH Region 2 DVD $20.00


1. Finale
2. Haruka...
3. Creative Master
4. Kanata e...
5. Eco=system
6. Magnet Holic
7. Mad Sky
8. Sacred
9. Icaross
10. Last Letter
11. Clear Sky
12. Child
13. Newborn Baby

1. Heaven
2. Shingetsu
3. Dramatic Neo Anniversary
4. Home Sick
5. Love and Peace
6. Cocoon
7. Believer
8. Automation Air
9. Kowareteiku kono sekai de
10. Over Dose
11. Rebirth Day
12. Birth Day


ID Attack
1. a pill
2. Psychedelic Lover
3. Daybreak
4. Upper Flower
5. Neogrotesque
6. Kakumei no kuroi hane
7. Acid Rain
8. Hill
9. God Bless xmexxxx
10. Morning Junky
11. Barairo no sekai
12. Answer

White Breath available

Thunderbird available.

All except ID ATTACK are in plastic. All are in very good to excellent condition.


The RUSH CD case may have a small crack. $15.00

Shipping is $3.00 for one to three, $5.00 for four+. I prefer non credit card paypal but can do money orders. Please email me at

Positive feedback in my personal journal. sakana_hime

Unfortunately at this time I am not comfortable shipping overseas. Sorry for the inconvience!

If multiple items are purchased I will combine shipping and prices will most likely drop to reflect that. I prefer non credit card paypal but can do money orders. As of now I am going to start highly recommending the purchase of insurance for $1.65 additional. I can not be repsonsible for items that are lost/damaged in the mail unless insurance is purchased. Please email me at

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