The Jess (mako_jess) wrote in garagesalejapan,
The Jess

Tons of stuff!
Dragon Ball bxset (contains 1-13 plus a movie) $10
Marmalade Boy 1 $25
Broken Saints boxset $20
Koi Kaze 1-3 complete $20
Madlax V 1 $5
Please Twins Boxset $35
The Gokusen $15
Ceres 3 $5 (box slight damage.)
Aquarian Age 1 v 3v Box $15
Angel Sanctuary $5
Battle Athletes OVA 1-3 $20
The Place Promised in our Early Years $10
They were 11 $5
Colorful $5
Dragon Half $5
Inuyasha movies 1-2 $15
Ayanes High Kick $5
Voices of a distant Star $10
New Cutey Honey $5
Idol project complete $15
Animatax $5
Blame $5
Steel Angel Kurumi boxset $30

$5 each, may make deals for bundles.
INVU 1-3
Shirahima Syo (hardcover)
Suger Rune V1
Planets V1
Reiko the Zombie Shop 1-2
Inital D 1-19
Paradise Kiss 1-5 complete
Wedding Peach (stand alone volume)
Hot Gimmick 1-12 complete
Nana 1-2
Zodic PI 1-4 complete
Fruits Basket 1-15
Rizelmine (stand alone volume)
Conifidential Confessions 1-2
Made in Heaven 1-2 complete
Battle Royale 1-13
Absolute Boyfriend v1
Vampire Hunter D novels 1-2
Tramps like us 1-9
Battle Angel Alita V1
Heat Guy J
Please save my earth 1-17
Fusghi Yugi Genbu Gaiden 1-4
Fusghi Yugi 1-18
Sakino 1-7

Game Guides
FF 7 $20
Zelda for wii $5

Sailor moon makoto UFO catcher $15
Sailor moon Sailor Jupiter UFO catcher $15
5 gold DBZ figures in Balls $5
Digi Charot mini figures set $5
Love Hina mini figures set $7
Artist Koichi Chigira Character mini set $7
Cardcaptor Sakura Figure $5
Naru Big figure $10
Makoto Big figure $10
Shinobu Big Figure $10
Please Twins soundtrack $5
Inuyasha bookmark $1
Tohru bookmark $1
Kodocha Babbit bag $5
Hello Kitty cellphone charm (mermaid)$1
Sanrio Cellphone case $3
Sailor Moon Chibi figures- Princess, school uniform, sailor moon $4
Helena swimsuit mini figure $2

Import Game!!

Phoniex Wright 2, from Japan. Has english and Japanese options.

Shipping is not figured in. It depends on what and how you would like it shipped.
Paypal, money orders accepted. Willing to make deals.
And since this is alot of stuff, I didn't take pictures, however if you would like one, please ask. I am not doing trades right now.


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