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Selling Some things

I want to get some stuff out of my room, since I need to downsize my things to make it easier when I move. I don't have any photos yet (but I will) so this is just what I have at the moment. I'll try to get photos when I get home from work.

-Naruto metal lunchbox (like new condition. washed and dried thoroughly. metal latch and handle still intact perfectly) - $12 + S&H (bargain. I bought it for almost $25)
-One Piece playing cards (unwrapped, but in nearly mint condition. includes clear plastic case) - $3 + S&H
-One Piece figure (Luffy's brother)(never opened, mint condition. in plastic case) - $5 + S&H
-Fruit's Basket Tohru onigiri coinpurse (like new condition) - $5.50 + S&H
-Fruit's Basket Yuki purse (like new condition, barely and gently used) - $12 + S&H (bargain. I bought it for over $20 at a con)

I may add more later depending on what I find. I don't have paypal, but I will accept checks, money orders, or concealed cash (at your own risk). Leave a comment here or email me at Shipping to U.S. only at this time.

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