Yuki Kijo (yukikijo) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Yuki Kijo

Sailor Moon Dolls for sale

I have six Sailor Moon Dolls for sale..


I only have pictures for two that I was able to find on the internet. (sorry, dont have a digital camera, and my scanner wont scan in the dolls to well >.<.)  But if you insist on a picture of a specific doll, I can take one with my regular camera and have it developed --it'll just take a few days!

I have...

Sailor Pluto 11.5 inch SOLD

Sailor Neptune 11.5 inch SOLD

Sailor Uranus 11.5 inch SOLD

Rubeus 11.5 inch SOLD

Prince Diamond 11.5 inch SOLD

Prince Diamond 6 inch

All of them are unopened with all origional parts and excessories EXCEPT for the the Prince Diamond 6 inch. (he was opeend, but is still in mint condition- he comes with origional box and stand)


I'm asking $5 a doll, with $5 for shipping for the first doll, and $2 for shipping for each additional doll. (if just buying the Prince Diamond 6 inch, shipping will be less)

I accept money orders, concealed cash, checks and paypal.  Any questions you can comment or IM me on AOL as jebchan , or e-mail me at koorikijo@hotmail.com




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