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Direct Sale: Vivienne Westwood items, coffin bag, lolita crown


I only accept paypal

U.S buyers only

All prices include shipping

Priority goes to whoever can pay me the quickest. 

Vivienne Westwood Love jacket (grey): Red Label Remake

I'm deciding to give up my grey love jacket. I bought it off yahoo japan auctions (around this past Halloween). It is a size 3 and will fit a 34" bust and 28" waist. The flaps on the side open up to reveal pockets! Comes with original tags and extra button! 

Asking price: $400 

I originally paid around $442, the $42 being shipping and all deputy service fees. I'd like to get the full $400 that I won it for, but I'm willing to go as low as $385 if no one is willing to pay that or thinks it's too much. I guess I'm open to offers.

Vivienne Westwood Golf Rocking Horse shoes size 9 UK (U.S 11)

These are one size too big for me and I don't really have anything to match them so I'm getting rid of them. They've been worn a few times but are in pretty excellent condition! The sole is wearing a way a bit in the back right corner on each shoe but they are still very much wearable. 
Asking price: $380

Hot Topic Coffin bag

Measures 12" long by 8" wide and 4" from back to front. Closes at the side with a zipper. Hardly used and in good condition!

Asking price: $30

White opalescent crown!

Handmade, but not by me. I bought this off e-bay a few years ago but have barely worn it (only twice) so it's in real good condition. The beads are opalescent and show rainbow colors when hit by the light. There's a small cross on top. It's made with wire so can be easily bent into shape and will hold up well. The side has a cute flower with ribbons flowing from it

Asking price: $25

Please comment if interested! Thanks for looking. :)


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