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Bulk Doujinshi Buying for Resale - Design Contest

A couple of AI-TEN news items today.

1st of all: Convention Season is Coming~~~~

For those small businesses or individuals interested in selling doujinshi at their dealers booths, AI-TEN would like to extend an offer of our bulk buying service.

Preowned Doujinshi can be purchased for resale by series (at our discretion, you do not get to specify more than series) in bundles of 50. Our regular charge for doujinshi is $10 a book + shipping (regular air). But under our bulk offer, we will sell books to businesses at a rate of $6 + $85 total shipping (book-rate air) per pack. (approx. $8.00 per book in breakdown)

Unless otherwise requested: packs will most likely be a mix of gen, yaoi, yuri, and ocaisional hentai material (hentai runs a bit expensive even resale).

Multiple series may be requested: ie. "50% Full Metal Alchemist, 50% Naruto". Multiple packs may be purchased, but payment for large orders is required in advance.

We can also provide doujinshi flyers at no extra charge for decorating your booth.

Serious inquiries to


AI-TEN has donated prizes to our friends at dokidoki for their Design contest. All of the prizes are yaoi/shounen ai themed. If you have interest in joining in, please check out the contest webpage:
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