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FS: Manga, Anime DVD's, playing cards, DS console, Game Cube console, and more for sale! cheap!~

Added a bunch of video game consoles for cheap! Take a look!

Still cleaning up more!~ I want this stuff gone so I don't have to give it away to good will so everything is priced cheap!~ For sale info please check the bottom of this post under the sold items cut. Thanks!

Edit: Please don't ask for shipping quotes unless your seriously interested! I don't enjoy wasting my time and expecting that you are going to buy something from me and then say you don't want it. (aka dont give my hopes up!) If you are just asking of curiosity, please mention that so I know you probably wont buy it!

Sorry for the font getting weird- It's being irritating and I cant fix it T^T

Comics + Books:

Vampire Game Vol 1-9 ($18.00 or $5 each) (vol one slightly damaged on the bottom binding. Does not effect comic pages)

Dragon Knights vol 1-6 ($6.00 for all or $3 each)(vol one slightly damaged along edges and 1+2 are slightly discolored on outside edges. does not effect comic)

Faeries Landing Vol 2 ($0.50)
Inu-Yasha Vol 1 (Large Version) ($0.50)
Planet Ladder Vol 4 ($0.50)
Inu-Yasha Vol 2 (Reg/small version) ($0.50)

Buy all 4 comics above for $1.50!

Set of chapter comics ($1.00 for all)

Saint Tail Chapter comics 1, 11, 13, 14
Dragon knights chapter comics 4+5
Gunsmith cats "Mister V Volume 5 of 11)
Gundam Wing vol 4
Miracle girls vol 11
Slayers vol 1
Inu-Yasha Part 5 Vol 7, 8, 10, 11
Inu-Yasha Part 6 Vol 1 and 8
Inu-Yasha Part 7 Vol 4, 5, 6, 7


InuYasha movie ($1)
Saiyuki Vols DVD 1-2 ($3.50 for both or $3 each)


Hello kitty lights with a light rope

Additional pictures: (1)

Sailor Moon playing card set with instructions

Additional pictures: (Back) (Side) (Inside)

Hello Kitty Christmas tin lunch pale ($0.50)

Video Games:

Nintendo Game cube +8 games +3 controllers

Additional pictures: (Games) (memory card)

Last time I played it, it worked great. Comes with two memory cards (one is animal crossing one), 8 games (listed below), 3 controllers, and cords Asking: $104.50

Included games:
The Sims: Bustin out
Animal Crossing
Harvest Moon: A wonderful life
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
Mystic Heros
Super Mario Sunshine
Mario Kart Double Dash
Super Smash Bros. Melee

Blue Nintendo DS

Additional pictures: (both screens while on)

It has a few minor scratches on the bottom screen from playing but I put a protector shield on it once I noticed it was scratching. Comes with Yoshi stylus and battery charger. (the regular stylus is missing)
Asking: $65

Nintendo Game boy Advance

Additional pictures: (Tetris playing) (Punch King)

Works great, comes with Tetris and Punch King for GB advance (In additional pictures) and battery charger Asking: $25

Lunar two box set

Lunar 2 is missing the soundtrack and a necklace it came with otherwise everything else is there and in mint condition. Asking: $25.00 (Regularly on Ebay for $30-36)

.hack// INFECTION for PlayStation 2 ($5) (also has some of the anime!) SOLD
Final Fantasy X-2 for PlayStation 2 ($8.50)

These are the only trades I am accepting at this time because I really want them and really would rather have money at this time due to being low on funds. Thanks for the understanding.

* Mint condition of The Legend of Dragoon for Play Station 1
* Nintendo DS lite Traveling pack (or at least the lighter plug-in DS charger and must work properly).
* Gothic Lolita bible(s)
* Paradise Kiss English Manga Vol 1-5


How to draw Manga: Getting started I never used this, I got it as a gift @_@ ($3.50) SOLD
Anime and Game characters Vol 2. Expressing emotions. ($3.50) SOLD

Additional pictures:
Angel Sanctuary 52 playing cards (1) (2) (3) (shows all the cards' faces) ($2.00)
Fushigi Yugi 52 playing cards ($2.00) SOLD

These cards have never been played with and are in mint condition. I only put them on display in plastic sheets before putting them back into the plastic hard case.

Rinoa from FF8 pin ($2.50) SOLD
Cloud from FF7 pin ($3) SOLD

Cloud pencil board (I think?) Its in a plastic cover so it is in mint condition. ($2.50) SOLD


I accept Paypal, credit cards and balances, no fees!(I only fee the shipping) I don't accept check/money order at this time. If you want to take a look at some of my feedback just go to my journal- it is on the first post.

Shipping will be calculated once you tell me what you want. I will only place holds 24 hours from the time you ask for the hold. Please note: I am not responsible for your package once I hand it over to the post office! It's up to you to pay for insurance or priority mail for a safer trip to you if you want it! Thanks for the understanding!~<3

All of my items are in mint condition unless otherwise stated.
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