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Manga and Doujinshis and Sailor Moon Items for Sale <3

Heya guys~ I am trying to pay off a credit card bill and selling some of the stuff I don't really read any more so I am not sure if anyone is interested in anything behind the LJ cut.

I accept Paypal, Money Orders, Personal Checks and well concealed cash.

Buyer pays for shipping~ ^^

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Japanese Kenshin Manga Volumes Excellent Condition - $4 each OR best offer
Volumes~ 4,8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

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Japanese Evangelion Manga Volumes 1-6 - Excellent Condition - $4 or all for $20 + shipping

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Japanese Video Girl Ai Manga Volumes 4, 9 and 10 -Good Condition- $2 each or take them all for $5 + shipping

Moon Fight Doujinshis Volumes 1-5 $7 each all for $30 + shipping OR Best offer

Mantis Woman $4
Rave Master Volume 1 - $5
Centeral City $2 (I have about 12 copies of this issue)

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Rare Evangelion Doujinshi's (150 Pages each. All Humorous situations) $12 Each or all four for $40 (free shipping)

Ragnarok Online Humor Doujinshis About 150+ pages each of paradies and silly RO situations (Ksing, Mobbing, Getting a Rare card only to be killed by the Magnolia that picks it up, Bapho Spawning on you, etc! XD) $8 a piece All 4 for $30 + shipping

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NARUTO Volume 9 ~ $4 or best offer

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6 Volumes of the Sailor Moon French version of the manga. ^^ $4 each or all for $20 + shipping! ;3

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FLCL Manga. Good Condition~ Some wear on the covers. $6 each, both for $10 OR best offer

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Guilty Gear X (160 pages) and Capcom VS SNK (125 pages) doujinshis $ 8 each or best offer

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The Bad Art Collection and Sqee by Jhonen Vasquez BAC - Squee Grahpic Novel (include, Filler Bunny, Sqee, Jonny The Homisidal Maniac, Happy Noodle Boy and Wobbly Headed Bob) $10 or best offer
B.A.C. Bad Art Collection - Good condition- $2

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Manga Samplers $1 each

Megaman/Kirby/Pokemon Compalation comic $3 ON HOLD

Misc Sailor Moon Items
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Sailor Moon Glow in the dark cealing stickers $4 a pack
Sailor Moon Memo pad $1
Sailor Moon Chibi Usa Mini Figure $2
Sailor Moon Sailor Mars Mini Figure $1
Sailor Moon Pin $2

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Artemis Plush~ $6 MINT in box (free shipping)
Sailor Moon Adventure Doll ~ MINT IN BOX $8 (Free shipping)

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Sailor Moon S season Magnets .50 each ^^

Just reply here if you want me to put anything on hold and leave your email address for me too~ ^^

Thanks a ton for checking out my stuff! ^o^ Any questions? Please ask! I will answer asap! :D
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