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Johnny's Entertainment/J-pop

I have many items ranging from Hey!Say!JUMP, Arashi, KinKi Kids, to Tokio in cds, dvds, posters, and other things!

J-Friends – Love Me All Over
V6 – Feel Your Breeze
V6 – Dasenai Tegami
V6 – Very Best (2 disc + photobooklet)
V6 – Change the World
KinKi Kids – Harmony of December
KinKi Kids – Kanashimi Blue
KinKi Kids – Jounetsu
Tokio – Sorafune/Do!do!do!
Tokio – Ambitious Japan!
Tokio – Love Love Manhattan/ Alive Life
Tokio – 5 Ahead
Tokio – TOK10
WaT – Sotsugyo TIME – Bokura no Hajimari
w-inds. – Kawariyuku Sora
Arashi – Arashi Around Asia (Regular edition)
Arashi – Pika**chi Double + toy figures
Hey! Say! Jump – cd/dvd holder

KAT-TUN – cd/dvd holder
Myojo April 2005
Wink Up September 2002 TAIWAN
WinkUp December 2002 TAIWAN
WinkUp August 2003 TAIWAN

No item is over $20! I'm just trying to get rid of things to get more space!

Wagahai Ai Sales 

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