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Manga and doujinshi goods for sale

My list:

English shoujo & shounen-ai manga:
Eerie Queerie vol 1-4 (complete) - $20 for the set
From Eroica With Love vol 1-2 - $10 for the set

Sales page:

Doujinshi (mostly yaoi):
*Ai no Kusabi - lots
Chi-ran dj - 2x - $10 each
God Child/Earl Cain - 5x
Gravitation Remix - all volumes
*Masked Rider Kyuuga - lots - FREE FREE FREE
*Mirage of Blaze - lots - $5 each
Vampire doujinshi by Yukari Hashida - $20
Yami no Matsuei - 2x

God Child:
zenin artprint set - $40 for the set or $4 per artprint
furoku memorial art seal poster - $5
*furoku pin-up - $5
postcard frame - brand new - $5
Kaori Yuki postcard artbook - $8

Miscellaneous Goods:
Ai no Kusabi promo poster - $50
Gravitation crystalline card set (16 cards, complete set) - brand new - $110
Hana to Yume magazine + Kaori Yuki phonecard set - $20
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de clear file - $8
Mirage of Blaze doujin postcard calendar - $10
*Mirage of Blaze doujin notepad - $8
Ouran High School Host Club furoku bookcover set - $2
Peace Maker Kurogane framed portrait - $10
Prince of Tennis Seigaku v Hyotei trading cards set - $20

Phone cards:
1 x Angel Sanctuary - $10
2 x Fruits Basket - $10 each
3 x Mirage of Blaze
2 x Samurai Deeper Kyo - $8 each

Kaori Monchi promo - $5
Nitta Youka Haru wo Daite Ita promo - $70
Sukisyo (new!) - $8

*Japanese yaoi manga:
Jail Bird by Ozawa Nao - $5
Mamiya Doll-House - $6
Renai Junkie by Asami Tohjoh - $7
Yakudate! Seishun - $7

BL games - $4 each unless otherwise noted:
Anima Mundi
Enzai + fan disc - $8
Gakuen Heaven
Graduation - in English!
Ore no Shita de Agake
Seikai Houretsuden + fanbox - $8
Suits wo Niuda Ato
Togainu no Chi - $6
-->if you have a particular game you're looking for, you can also special request (ie Sukisyo, Silver Chaos, Angel's Feathers, etc.)

BL/yaoi goods:
Drap magazine 2004 - 10x - $10 each
*promo fliers lot (30 fliers) - $10
Yamane Ayano - trading cards, zenin telephone card set, special zenin set

Yami no Matsuei:
zenin artprint set - $40 for the set or $4 each
limited edition DVD set - $50

Doujinshi stationery:
*Angel Sanctuary set - (see "stationery" page - the set includes the 2 letter sheets) - $2
*Inuyasha + postcard set - $3 (see "stationery" page - the set includes the 4 letter sheets, plus a postcard)
*Yami no Matsuei set - $25 (see "stationery" page - the set includes ALL the Yami no Matsuei letter sheets that I have)
Zetsuai set - $5
BL stationery set - $3

The starred items indicate that I haven't posted pictures yet for those items. But I'll take pictures upon request. For a complete list, description, and prices of the items, please visit my sales page. In addition, if you see any other items you would like on the site, feel free to make an offer. If you would like to trade, please send me your list.

Shipping and payment info: I can take Paypal, money orders, or cash in USD. I'm located in the U.S., but will ship worldwide. Because this is direct sales, I will charge exact shipping (no handling). A 5% Paypal fee will be applicable if you're paying by credit card.

For reference, my Ebay ID is rasp5erry (and I have 100% feedback there as a power seller). My Ebay items page:


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