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Was cleaning my room and....

Dorama. Harry Potter. GLAY. SM. Morning Musume. CD. UFO Catchter.
Name your price! // I accept paypal only!
My paypal address is
Only shipping to USA. I have referances here and my Ebay handle is Bradx420
Leave me comments! Let's talk cause I want this stuff out of here!

I had to resize the images a bit so they might not be as clear as they should be. I just didn't want downloading time to take forever for some people on dial up.

Tons of Japanese dorama VHS tapes. All of them are fansubbed. They're not all complete series. I'd love to sell them all together.

3 Jpop concert tapes. The love generation tape should/will go with the dorama set.

BerryZ and W calendar. Original Japanese release. Slightly bend, but in great condition.

6? Morning Musume calendar pages from 2002's calender. They're in bad shape, folded, bent, ripped and go tape on the back of them.

H.O.T letter paper and envelopes. About 8 sheets of paper.

4 Mini Moni UFO dolls.

Mini Moni - Single CD / limited ed. comes with stickers.
NewS manga book. (phonebook size)
Fushigi Yuugi manga (chinese bootleg)
Set of Evangelion postcards that are stickers.
2 Marmalade Boy large trading cards.

Set of 5 Wizard Mags.

7 Urusei Yatsura manga.

2 Kodomo no Omocha burucha's. They light up and shake. I've had 3. Sold one for a good 50.00. The boxes aren't perfect but the toys are in fantastic condition.

4 Morning Musume figures. (Maki, Tsuji, Natsumi, and Makoto?)
Boys Be Pencil Board
2 Gundam 0079 DVDS (vol 1 + 2) comes with stickers.

Slam Dunk! T-shirt Size large.

3 SailorMoon UFO dolls and a Sailor Moon lunch box with thermos.

Sailor Moon fanclub (US) clear backpack. Came with trading cards, and paper packages, figure, ring and case.

2 Mini Moni doll sets. I'd love to sell both boxes together since all 4 girls make the group.
Vol 2,3,4,5 of the Urusei Yatsura OAVs

6 Vols. of Spider-Man manga. Some have never been opened.

A pink purse.

Evangelion artbook on model kits. Has all Eva's and all 5 children.
Ribon manga phone book. (I have over 100 Ribon, Ciao, Nakayoshi, Sho-Comi books. I'd love to sell all 100 for 1.00 each.)
4 Archie Tradebacks. SOLD!

GLAY tourbook. Another pic is here

Ranma 1/2 wallscroll.

NewS 2005-2006 calendar. I bought one and then my Father bought one for me. I'm asking for at least 30.00 since it's brand new and comes with the limited ed. bookmarks.

6 Mini Moni UFO dolls. 2 are huge. 4 of them are slightly smaller. Would love to sell as a set.

Harry Potter cosplay item.

HP hat.


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