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H.NAOTO Clothing (Sale! Reduced prices!)

Sorry I keep posting this but I really need money so I've reduced the prices.

I'm only accepting Paypal right now.

Price Negotiable*

H. Naoto famous visual kei clothing brand in Japan!

Never been worn! Just stared at it most of the time.. >__>;; didn't feel like wearing them.

Limited Edition H.Naoto Channel H Women's Designer Open Shoulder Cat Ear Hoody

Material: 100% Cotton

Bust 80cm

Height 56cm

Sleeve Length 46cm

Around Arm 24cm
Original Price; $200
My Price; $190 Shipped. $125.00 Shipped (includes shipping)

Limited Edition H.Naoto Channel H Women's Designer Angel Long Sleeve Shirt 1

Material: 100% Cotton

Shoulder to Shoulder 32cm

Sleeve Length 57cm

Body Width 34cm

Height 63cm
Original Price; $160
My Price; $150 Shipped. $108.00 Shipped. (includes shipping)



[will post up picture when requested]
-An Café -Magnya Carta (ALBUM+DVD) $22 shipped. (pending)
-12012- play dolls (ALBUM+DVD)$22 shipped.
-SID- Hoshi no Miyako (ALBUM) (Out of print) $20 shipped.

-Big Bang- Always Mini-album $12 shipped. (pending)
-Wondergirls- First single The Wonder Begins $12 shipped.
- SMTown 2007 Summer Cd+Poster $13 shipped.
-Tohoshinki 'SHINE' Japanese single $10 shipped.

Anime DVDs (Yaoi, boyxboy love titles, all english subbed)
- Gravitation vol.1 $10 shipped.
- Sukisho (Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!!) complete series $15 shipped.
- No Money! vol.1 $10 shipped.

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