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Stuff for Sale!

Here's a list of (most of) what I have for sale, the general price / price range, and links to either my store or LJ where you can find photos and more information. Items that have a "contact" note are things that I haven't posted up yet and/or haven't taken photos of. If you're interested in those items, just let me know and I can snap a quick photo and/or give you more information about it.

CD: Digimon Adventure 02 Best Partners $10.00 store
CD: Zoids Original Soundtrack $15.00 store
DVD: Gen-X Cops $10.00 store
DVD: Zoids $68.00-$75.00 store
VCD: Gundam Wing $25.00 see below or contact
VCD: Okinawa Rendez-vous $5.00 see below or contact
VCD: Shota no Sushi $25.00 see below or contact

Digimon (Adventure, 02, Tamers, Frontier) $10.00-15.00 store or LJ
Final Fantasy (VII, VIII) $10.00-25.00 store or LJ
Zoids (Zoids, Guardian Force, Zero) $8.00-10.00 store or LJ

D-Tectors $25.00 store
Figures $8.00-20.00 store
Beanies & Plushies $3.50-8.00 store
Figures & Keychains $0.75-2.00 store or LJ
Keychains $1.50 store or LJ
Model Kits / Buildable Figures $5.00-20.00 store
PVC & Action Figures $12.00-30.00 store
Hasbro Liger Zero Holotech Action Figure $10.00 contact
Hasbro Shield Liger 2.0 Action Figure $10.00 contact
Card Captor Sakura Figure $7.00 store
Final Fantasy VIII Selphie Tilmitt Figure $8.00 contact
Hamtaro Plushies $2.50 store

Base, Base 2, Fossil, Gym Challenge, Gym Heroes
Jungle, Team Rocket
contact store or contact
Card Colosseum, Scramble sets $3.75-8.25 store
Card Colosseum, Scramble singles contact store or site* or contact

*Site list is usually more up to date on cards available than the store list.

DS, GBC, Gamecube, XBox and PC $8.00-35.00 store or LJ

Final Fantasy X Tidus/Yuna T-Shirt (XL) on hold for shindow_kitsu $8.00 contact
Final Fantasy X Yojimbo T-Shirt (L) $8.00 contact
Slayers Chroma Cel $5.00 contact


Please note that these are VCDs. With dual language audio discs, you'll have to select either the right or left audio channel for a specific language and subtitles are not removable. Prices do not include shipping.

Okinawa Rendez-vous and the Gundam Wing discs are legitimated VCDs licensed by Mei-Ah Laser Disc Co. Ltd. and Media Link International (distributed by Asia Video Publishing Co. Ltd.) respectively. I'm not sure about Shota no Sushi, it has a Singapore Board of censors sticker on it and looks like it was originally sold in Malaysia.

Shota no Sushi (King of Sushi) - $25
You can find more information about the drama at My set is the 2nd VCD box (the brownish one). 11 discs, I bought these 2nd hand off ebay years ago, but never watched the whole thing. Unfortunately the clip that's suppose to hold the VCDs in place is broken, I'll pad it with bubble wrap to keep the VCDs from sliding all around. Japanese language with Chinese subtitles.

Okinawa Rendez-vous - $5
You can find more information about the movie at Two disc VCD set. Dual language audio (Mandarin, Cantonese), Chinese and English subtitles. Only watched a bit of the first disc.

Gundam Wing - $25
Volumes 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Contains episodes 1-4 and 7-16. Not the complete series and I don't have disc 3. I bought these years ago when the series was really popular, but I just couldn't get into it so only the first disc has been watched. Cantonese audio. No subtitles.

Thanks for looking!
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