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JE Sales

I have some JE goods for sale!  Please take a look.

  • Yamapi Uchiwa
  • Shige Uchiwa
  • Koyama Uchiwa
  • Ryo Uchiwa
  • Tegoshi Uchiwa
All of the above uchiwa's are at $20.00 USD each.  :D

  • NEWS' first pamphlet (the one that looks like a newspaper way back in 2003.)  Half of it is in English, and it has rlly nice pictures.  If you need to see a picture, let me know.
Since it's a really rare and old item, make me an offer and I will consider it.  The item is brand new, unopened.

  • Cartoon KAT-TUN II YOU Keychain -- $18.00
  • KAT-TUN Real Face limited edition Box Set (2 CDs = 1 DVD)
This is also an old item, brand new, unopened - just the wrapping is not exactly in perfect condition from age.  However, make me an offer and I will consider it.  :D

  • Kanjani 8 LIVE shop photo set (four pictures in one set) -- $12.00
This was the set released in Okinawa 0922, 0929, 0930.

  • Ohkura Tadayoshi Offshot limited J-WEB shop photo set -- $16.00
This set was released a while ago, but it was a limited J-WEB set, which was not sold outside of J-WEB.  It's got four photos in one set!

  • Koyama Keiichirou Spring Concert Photo Set -- $14.00

Unfortunately, since I don't have a camera with me right now I can't take photos.  But if you want to look at what the items are, I can most likely find pictures on the internet.  I will also look through pictures I've taken before to see if I have pictures of the things you are interested in :D!  If you desperately want to see what I have, I'm afraid to say I can only take pictures with my webcam to let you know -- but the quality is probably going to be crappy.

Let me know your location and the things you are interested in so I can calculate shipping for you.  I'm located in Asia, so just let me know your country.  :D

Paypal and concealed cash - at your own risk.

Questions or interest in buying:
Just comment!  ^_^

Also, please join in this community that I just opened for those people who want to request for items.
j_asia_wants    j_asia_wants     j_asia_wants 

Let's help each other out.  Since I'm located in Asia, I can get stuff easily, so maybe I can help.  If I can't, maybe some other users can help you with getting the goods.  So, let's let each other know what we want.  :D

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