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Newest Items are bolded.

Recently pincked up the NEWEST Newtype magazine.. *FROM JAPAN* I'm too lazy o go check out what volume # at the moment.. but I remember it saying 20 years of Newtype Mag.
It has a Gundam Seed model kit with it.
(link to selling images for magazine)
$12 w/o shipping. *that model kit box is all bulky*

I also have this ADORABLY CUTE cat keychain/key cover.. thing.. San-x makes it. $9 w/o shipping

And the NEWEST issue of Hana to Yume with a Fruits Basket thing... i dunno WHAT the hell it is. $8 bucks w/o shipping. ON HOLD

Any takers?

on to the HUGE ASS LIST!


Spin Magzine cover.. Julian from The Strokes ($5)
Spin Magazine: Cover - Nick from The Strokes ($5)


Viz Media company:
Viz comics:
Inu Yasha vol 2.5($1)

Animerica EXTRA: *manga magazine*
Some issues featured X/1999 the stories that are in the rest of them are: Steam Detectives, Video Girl Ai and more

vol 2.1, 4.4, 4.6-4.7($4 each)

Animerica:($5 each)*anime review magazine*
vol 9.4 Ayashi no Ceres, Big O, Angel Links, Clamp School
vol 9.5 Maho Tsuki Tai/Magic User's Club, Jin-Roh etc..
vol 9.6 Inu Yasha etc..
vol 9.10/11 DBZ, Angel Sanctuary etc..

Mixx media/Tokyopop company:

Vol 1.1-4.2 (whole set $45.. each issue $2)
*2 copies of 3.1*

SNEAK PEEK vol 1 & 2 ($2 EACH)

Vol 2.6,3.10 ($3 each)
issues feature: Peach girl, Vampire Princess Miyu and other stories

Mixx manga:
Moble Suit Gundam Wing #2 *2 copies*($1 each)

Central Park Media Group:

CPM comics:
Slayers vol 3 ($1)

Nintendo Graphic Novels:
Super Mario Adventures($10)

DVD: BOTH have the sub/dub option
Decendents of Darkenss/Yami no matsuei volume 4 DVD *watched once* ($15)

Slayers volume 5 ($3)
Slayers volume 8 ($3)
Slayer the motion picture ($5)
Slayers:Dragon Slave ($5)
Rayearth 2:Wake ($5)
Rayearth OVA vol 1 ($5)

Graphic Novels: English *perfect condition unless stated*

Seven of Seven vol 2 ($8)
Paradise Kiss vol 1-5 ($8) EACH *ORIGINAL COVERS*
Demon Diary vol 1-4 ($6) EACH
Model vol 1 ($7)
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle vol 1 ($8)
XXXholic vol 1 ($8)
Hot Gimmick vol 1-5 ($7) EACH
Princess Ai vol 1 ($7)

Misc Anime/Manga/Japanese stuff:

Cardboard stands:

Miyaka FY ($8) pic slight marring.. *sticky foam thing.. i dare not pry it off*

Shaman King ($5) pic some damage


Hana to Yume: *with lil gift extras* ($7) EACH

Volume 1 2003 w/ *2003 Hana to Yume All-Star calender*
Volume 5 2003 w/ *Gakuen Alice apple shaped note pad*

Gundam Wing doujinshi - JOKERxJOKER <- that's the name($15)

Rare Love (Chi-ran manga) ($8)

Strawberry Children vol 1-4 *whole set* ($30)

Yaoi con 1 doujinshi

Yaoi anthologies: - ($7)each

Gust Mania vol 5 *front*

*unknown name* vol 6 front*
*unknown name.. same title as above* vol 7

Graphic Novels: Japanese
E's vol 1 & 2 ($7)EACH
Gravitation *select volumes.. incomplete set.. inquire* ($8)EACH!!!!
Alchino vol 2 ($7)
Lawful Drug vol 1 ($6)
Yami no Matsuei vol 1-11 ($60 WHOLE SET) I don't know if vol 11 will be released in the states though.. it's... >XD BUY IT AND FIND OUT. I'll gladly direct you to a site with the transltions of the volumes.

and more...

contact nikki at bashmentgyal2002@yahoo.com

And yes.. I'm willing to negotiate prices!
Money orders and concealed cash are accepted.
Paypal is NOT accepted at this time.
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