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Awesome prices!

I'm selling a special bundle of 6 CDs for only $23, which includes free shipping if you live in the US. Or, if you buy all of my remaining CDs, you get free Priority shipping if you're located in the US; foreign buyers will get a nice shipping discount. This is a good way to bulk up your Jrock collection or try something new. You really can't go wrong with great deals like these. Please click here for pics & details. Thanks for looking!


+ Dir en grey- GAUZE [1st press disc]- $4
+ Kisaki Project- final confession [very rare]- $15
+ L'Arc~en~Ciel- ark- $10
+ L'Arc~en~Ciel- Clicked Singles Best 13- $10
+ L'Arc~en~Ciel- Dune [reissue w/ 3 bonus tracks]- $12
+ L'Arc~en~Ciel- ray- $10
+ Luna Sea- Eden [w/ bonus photocard]- $12
+ Luna Sea- Image [w/ bonus photocard]- $12
+ Luna Sea- Lunacy [w/ bonus photocard]- $12
+ Luna Sea- Luna Sea [1st press]- $6
+ Luna Sea- Mother- $8
+ Luna Sea- Never Sold Out [2-disc set]- $6
+ Luna Sea- Shine- $8
+ Luna Sea- Style- $8
+ Moi dix Mois- Dixanadu- $15
+ Moi dix Mois- Nocturnal Opera- $15
+ Syndrome- Best Collection 2000~2002 [2-disc set]- $15
+ Versailles- Lyrical Sympathy- $15

**SPECIAL CD BUNDLE-- For only $23 you get:

+ Rouage- Bible
+ Rouage- Children
+ Siam Shade- Siam Shade IV Zero
+ Siam Shade- Siam Shade VI [2-disc set w/ special neon case]


+ Battle Royale- $12
+ Zatoichi Monogatari- The Blind Swordsman Series 1-4- $10


+ xxxHOLiC Omnibus Edition- $8

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