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[Sale] Jpop and Jrock Audio Cds

Here are the latest items that will be added on my list. Im in the middle of updating my journal. Pictures and other infos regarding the items below will be post later.  

Any inquiries for any items below,pls feel free to comment. I will answer all your questions as soon as i can. Thanks.

All are used and japan versions

Ayumi Hamasaki “&” single - 5 USD
Ayumi Hamasaki “Far Away” single - 5 USD
Ayumi Hamasaki “No Way to Say” single - 5 USD
Bonnie Pink “A Perfect Sky” single - 5 USD
Gackt “Mizerable” single - 8 USD
Gackt “Rebirth” album - 10 USD
BUCK-TICK “Catalogue 1987-1995” album - 10 USD SOLD
Janne Da Arc “Gekkoka “ single - 4 USD - have a crack on the back case SOLD
L’Arc!en~Ciel “Tierra” album - 10 USD *ON HOLD
L’Arc~en~Ciel “Real” album- 6 USD *ON HOLD
Malice Mizer “ma cherie” single - 10 USD
Mr. Children “Sign” single - 5 USD
Siam Shade "Siam Shade IV Zero" - 10 USD

*Items will be shipped from Philippines.
* Accepts payment via Paypal
* Will ship internationally.

For other jpop, jrock, anime soundtracks CDs, pls head over to amane_nakashima
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