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Poor college student looking to clear out some stuff I don't want anymore and make a little money...

Prices DO NOT include shipping. If you feel like I've priced something too high, make me an offer. Most of this stuff, I just want to get rid of. Payment - I accept paypal (preferred), money orders or well-concealed cash (sent at your own risk). If you want a picture of something I didn't post a picture for just ask and I can get one.

Sailor Moon dub VHS tapes - $2 each
Only one of these tapes has ever been opened, the rest are still in their original wrap, but they might be a little beat up anyway. ^^;;

Sailor Moon S
Pure Hearts - S Vol 1 - contains TV eps Star Struck, Bad Luck, Crystal Clear Again, Driving Dangerously, Bad Harmony
The Love War - S Vol 2 - contains TV eps Swept Off Her Feet, Blinded By Love's Light, Lita Borrows Trouble
Labyrinth - S Vol 3 - contains TV eps Damp Spirits, Friendly Foes, Mixed Emotions (this is the one Sailor Moon tape that has been opened)
Back From the Future - S Vol 5 - contains TV eps Hello Sailor MiniMoon, Tainted Tea Party, People Who Need People
Secret Destiny - S Vol 6 - contains TV eps Related By Destiny, Art Appreciation, Everything's Coming Up Rosey

Sailor Moon SuperS
The Eclipse - SuperS Vol 1 - contains TV eps 1) Dreams Take Flight, 2) No Ordinary Horsepower, 3) Sweet Dreams
Diana's Secret - SuperS Vol 2 - contains TV eps 4) Baiting the Trap, 5) Perfect Couple, 6) Much Ado About Kitten

Cardcaptors dub VHS - $2
Only watched once, in good condition
Test of Courage - contains TV eps Sakura's Rival, Time and Again, The Cave

El Hazard dub VHS - $3 each
El Hazard - The Magnificent World Vol. 2
The Wanderers - El Hazard TV Vol. 3 (eps 7-10)
The Wanderers - El Hazard TV Vol. 4 (eps 11-14)

Neoranga season 1 VCDs - $5
The complete 1st season of Neoranga on VCD. There are no english subs. I can't remember for sure (it's been a long time since I looked at it) but it's either in raw Japanese or has Chinese subtitles. If anyone's interested, I can check.

English GNs, read once and in good condition, $5 each unless otherwise noted
Under the Glass Moon 1
Les Bijoux 1-2
Clover 1 - $6

Individual comic issues - make an offer
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Book 4, part 6 (I think? It was a gift, I never read it...)
Gundam Wing Ground Zero - Issue 1

Ciao phonebook manga - December 1998
Includes Hajikete BB and Pocket Monsters PiPiPi Adventures. No furoku

Anime posters
All these are normal sized laminated anime posters. There may be a little tape residue on the corners of the posters, from being hung.

X - Kamui poster - picture - $4
Utena movie poster - picture - $3
Gundam Wing poster - picture - $3

NOTE - the Utena and GW posters have a couple little tears at the bottom

Sailor Moon diary - picture - $3
Never been used, has a has a clasp and lock and comes with 2 keys

The Princess Blade poster - picture - $3
A promo poster for the movie The Princess Blade. This is a really BIG poster - I measured it at approx. 27" x 39". But, the right side of the poster is a little beat-up, from the poster bag I was keeping it in (no room on my walls!).

Okay, now the Jrock stuff...

Dir en grey postcard book - as seen here
I have no idea where my mother has stashed our camera, which is why no pics of my own at the moment... I'm taking offers on this, because I haven't the foggiest idea what to ask for it. It's in great condition, only flipped through a few times.

Takeo poster (from 2004 Pierrot calendar) - picture - $10
Poster has a hole in each bottom corner from tacks, and is a little rough across the top where I tore it off the calendar.

Jrock magazine - picture - $6
Cover is Siam Shade, also features Shiina Ringo, Luna Sea and Cascade. Has been flipped through once, maybe (I ended up with 2 copies of it, so I never really looked at this one)

BLOOD sticker - picture - $0.50

EDIT - I've fixed the pictures. The links should work now. O.o
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