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JRock CD, DVDs, Flyers, Stickers, Posters, Magazines,

I'm going to trade now everything!
I trade for this Bands: Screw, SuG, 12012, Gazette, Lolita 23ku, D'espairsRay, Sadie,...

1. Like an Edison - 2008 Happy New Year Message DVD- Standard DVD A Type
Info: Extrem rare! DVD is sold out! This DVD is not avaible in any shops!

2. Screw - Making of Raging Blood + Comment (JishubanClub Extra DVD)

3. Shoujo Lolita 23 - Hoshi no Kakera Comment CD (JishubanClub Extra CD) 

4. Shoujo Lolita 23 - Tokyo Rinkai Anastashia/Tokyo Kinku Baveltower Comment CD (Third Stage Extra CD)

5. ElDorado - Kakumeiron (Extrem RAR!) Demotape Sell at the Meguro Rock maykan Live

JROCK {Magazine}
1. hevn No.031
※ Sou Poster is missing, but the Kra sitcker is still included!

JROCK {Poster}
1. Gazette AnimaniA Poster from 2006

JROCK {Flyer, Mics}
1. Postcards
1x Screw 
The Postcard is not for sale! It's only for preorder of the Raging Blood Single at Jishuban Club!

2. Flyer
1x Dir en Grey
1x Cloche
1x Sugar
2x Nude
1x V.A.

4. Sticker
2x Dir en Grey

1. Love☆Drops
2. West End VI

Please look for pictures and prices here!
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