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DS: Vivienne Westwood love jacket, serpent sword, Ayumi Hamasaki CDs, gothic lolita items, plushies

I desperately need to sell this stuff for an item I have to pay for. Please, please help me!

Paypal only

U.S only (but I might be willing to make exceptions, so ask).

Shipping included in pricing

Vivienne Westwood gray love jacket-red label remake
I believe this is a Japan only item. I got it off yahoo japan auctions sometime ago but am seeking to get rid of it because I don't really care for it anymore. It comes with the original tags and extra buttons.

Will fit up to a 34" bust and 29" waist at max but the lapels would probably lie more properly on smaller sizes. The black lapels form the shape of a heart and the side flaps conceal pockets!

Asking price: $320 (I originally got it for $400 minus crescent shop shipping fees and service charges). I'm open to lower offers though as I really need the money quickly.

Serpent sword

I bought this at Fanime like...5 years ago and it's just been sitting on a box under my bed so I'm getting rid of it. It's really gorgeous and has two other small knives with it: one's a letter opener and the other one is like a small dagger. 
Asking price: $100 (I might be willing to go a bit lower though. Make me an offer and we'll see).

Hamasaki Ayumi CD set: 3 (Heaven single, Fairyland single, Duty album!)

Asking price: $35

Coffin bag

Measures 12" long by 8" wide and 4" from back to front. Closes at the size with a zipper. Hardly used and in good condition!

Asking price: $30

White opalescent crown! 

Handmade, but not by me. I bought this off e-bay a few years ago but have barely worn it (only twice) so it's in real good condition. The beads are opalescent and show rainbow colors when hit by the light. There's a small cross on top. It's made with wire so can be easily bent into shape and will hold up well. The side has a cute flower with ribbons flowing from it

Asking price: $25

White eyelet jacket

I bought this at Styles. One button is missing, which I hadn't noticed at the time of purchase. The cute little puff sleeves are elasticated. 
Asking price: $14

Handmade gothic lolita polka dot skirt.

I have way too much black and white in my wardrobe so I'd like to get rid of this. 
Waist is elasticated and will fit a 26" waist at max. 
Asking price: $25

Altered blouse 

I bought this blouse at Target and added the lace and ribbons to it. I've only worn it twice.
Bust measures 34" and waist measures 30-31". 
Asking price: $30

Kodona-ish pants.

I bought these from DD's discounts with the intention of coordinating things with it into a kodona outfit but I've never gotten around to it and don't believe I ever will. Waist measures 29" and hips measure 34". The legs end right above the knee. 
Asking price: $10

Home-made (but not by me) blue loli dress

Originally bought off e-bay. I've worn it twice at most. Bust can probably go up to about 37" and waist up to about 32" because it laces up in the back. Will accomodate a small petticoat.
Asking price: $25

Homemade (not by me) Blue gingham red cherry print headdress

Asking price: $10

Pink flat shoes (size 10)

I bought them at a flea market. Worn only once. I have nothing to coordinate them with. 
Asking price: $12

Purple parasol (made with Battenburg lace?)

Really beautiful but I no longer have the outfit for which I'd bought it to coordinate with.
Asking price: $40

Cinnamarol ear muffs

Asking price: $17

Silver jeweled cross neckalce 

Cross measures 3" x 2"
Asking price: $14

Rose necklace

I have no idea how it clasps, maybe someone else does.
Asking price: $9

Coin purse with chain

Measures 4 and 1/2" x 4 and 1/2" long
Asking price $15

colorful stripey socks: knee-high

Asking price: $8

Tsubasa Chronicles/XXX Holic Mokona Modoki plushie (huge)

This is the darker Mokona which I bought at Fanime! He measures 12" from head to bottom, 11" from side to side, and 10" wide. 
Asking price: $30

SanRio Cinnamorol plushie (huge)

Bought in a San rio store. He measures 19" from head to toe, 12" from arm to arm, and 10" from side to side". 
Asking price: $50

Home-made cotton Yukata

The skirt is elasticated so will fit many sizes and the obi closes shut with velcro. 

Asking price: $50

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