Z Z (plastic_garden) wrote in garagesalejapan,

taking offers for complete Sailor Moon manga set =(

The time has come for desperation and I think I need to sell my complete set of Sailor Moon English manga. I'm taking offers to see if anyone has something reasonable, otherwise it's eBay (which even after fees, is usually more pay than LJ). Please don't try to ask like, $5 for a book. If you see completed auctions of the books on eBay, you know what they go for.

Anyways. I prefer to sell the entire set. Any offers, let me know. I wouldn't be selling these if I didn't have to be. =(

I've sold on garagesalejapan over the years on this SN, but on eBay my SN is blam_honey. Last I checked I have 20 positive feedbacks, no negative ones.

Please feel free to email me Leon_Knights at hotmail dot com for complete set offers only.
If you're looking to split the set, don't email me about that, just leave a message here in the community.

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