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Yet another repost of my list

NOTE: if anyone has contacted me about an item in previous postings of this list, and has yet to send payment, please email me at koinuchan81@yahoo.com to confirm that you are still interested. Thank you.

I have taken out the items that have already sold, and am now reposting. Please ignore items in the pictures that are crossed out, that just means I sold them already. ^_^

Please bid on the items here, or send me an email me at koinuchan81@yahoo.com

I really would prefer that sets be sold as sets. It would serve me no purpose to have only volume 3 of something laying around.... and as for the condition of things, anybody who knows me knows how anal I can get about covers being bent, etc. So everything is in excellent condition, unless otherwise noted.

I will wait one week, and post a new list of what is left.

Manga for Sale: all in excellent condition

English: $5 each (cover price $10-16) prefer to sell as a set

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Angelic Layer 1 ($5)
Card Captor Sakura 1 ($5)
Confidential Confessions 1 ($5)
Cowboy Bebop 1 ($5)
Forbidden Dance 1 ($5)
Fushigi Yugi 1-2 ($10)
GTO 1-13 ($65)
Inu-Yasha 1-11, 2 copies of 5 ($55)
Kodomo no Omocha 1-8 ($45)
Love Hina 1-2 ($10)
Maison Ikoku 1-14 complete ($70)
Mega Tokyo 1 ($5)
Mermaid Forest series 1-3 ($15)
Neon Genesis Evangelion 1-2 ($10)
One Pound Gospel 1-3 ($15)
Planet Ladder 1 ($5)
Rumic World Trilogy 1-3 ($15)
Sailor Moon 1 ($5)
Sailor Moon SuperS 1 ($5)
Utena 1-3 ($15)
Video Girl Ai 1-4 ($20)

Japanese: $3 each (cover price 390 yen) all in very good condition

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hana Yori Dango 1-16, 19-20 (1-16 $48, 19-20 $6)
Hana Zakari no Kimitachi he 1-9, 11-18 (1-9 $27, 11-18 $24)
Love Hina 1-4 ($12)
Marmalade Boy 1-8 ($24)
Ranma ½ 37 ($3)
Kizuna 1-2 YAOI ($6)

Peach Girl Character book (not a manga) ($5)
Hikaru no Go novel (not a manga) ($5)

Artbooks: all in excellent condition

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hikaru no Go $20
Angel Sanctuary Postcard books x 2 $10 ON HOLD
Card Captor Sakura Cheerio! 1-3 $10 each
Sailor Moon I & II (Chinese version) $10 each SOLD?

Other books

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Miffy photo album ($10)
The Library by Chen Shu-Fen & Common ($15)
Red, Yellow, and Blue story by Yin Hua, art by Chen Shu-Fen & Common ($30) short stories: text is in English, Japanese, and Chinese

VHS: each watched perhaps 2 times

Fushigi Yuugi subbed eps 1-26 $30
Utena Box 1 subbed $20
Ranma collectors edition (newsletter included) subbed 1-3 $20
Sailor Moon Dic dubbed VHS x 6 tapes $15
Pokemon: Our Hero Meowth & Fashion Victims (dubbed) $5
Perfect Blue subbed $10


Maze vol 1 $10
Steel Angel Kurumi 1-2 $15 (vol 2 shrinkwrapped)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Wallscrolls: $7 each, $12 for 2. great condition (one missing endcap for the pole)

Rurouni Kenshin x 3
Card Captor Sakura x 2
Sailor Moon x 1
Utena x 1

Laminated Posters: decent condition, have been taped to wall before. Tape remains.

Sailormoon, Ranma, Utena x 25? $15 for all

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Domestic Sailor Moon watches – 2 for $10 decent condition, need new batteries. Never worn.

Stickers/Cards: perfect condition if anyone wants, I'll sell the whole stinkin lot of them for $30 ^_^;;

Domestic (Dic) Sailor Moon prismatic cards – complete set x 1 (1-72 + L-5 & L-6) $15
Domestic (Dic) Sailor Moon prismatic cards – incomplete set (57/72 cards) $10
Domestic (Dic) Sailor Moon prismatic cards – incomplete set (30/72 cards) $5
Chinese Zodiac Sailormoon prismatic sticker cards – set A, 32 cards $10
Chinese Zodiac Sailormoon prismatic sticker cards – set B, 30 cards + 2 domestic stickers $10
Chinese Zodiac Sailormoon prismatic sticker cards – set C, 26 cards + 2 Japanese stickers $10
Fushigi Yuugi – 14 prismatic anime character stickers + 7 prismatic manga stickers $5

Pins: great condition

Assorted Sailormoon pins $10

Jpop CDs

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Changin’ My Life – Myself single $8
Changin’ My Life – Eternal Snow single $8
Chemistry – Pieces of a Dream single $5
Kuwata Keisuke (vocalist of Southern Allstars) – White Love single $5
SMAP – Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana single $5
Yamashita Tatsuro – Christmas Eve (it’s a classic – very good song) $5

Hello! Project Photobooks: excellent condition

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Abe Natsumi $10
Ishikawa Rika $10
Yoshizawa Hitomi $10

Hello! Project DVDs

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Matsuura Aya Ne~e? PV DVD $8

F4 items

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

F4 Fantasy Live Concert World Tour VCD – 27 songs $10
F4 Music Party Concert VCD – 22 songs $10
F4 Meteor Rain CD – 10 tracks, 2 music videos $12
F4 Fantasy Forever Christmas special CD - 5 tracks $10
F4 Fantasy Forever CD – 12 tracks + video bonus $15
F4 Meteor in Barcelona photobook $10

Jrock CDs

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Daigo Stardust – The Space Toy – 11 tracks - $15
Daigo Stardust – Space Cowboy single $10
Daigo Stardust – Rock the Planet single $8
Daigo Stardust – Maria single $10
Sugizo – Clear – 12 tracks - $15 SOLD
Penicillin – Rock Opera Hamlet instrumental soundtrack - 12 tracks – RARE $25
BLOOD – Tsuioku ~I Remember You~ single $8
BLOOD – Morphine single $8
BLOOD – Bloodtype maxisingle $8
BLOOD – Domestic Version – 7 tracks - $15
BLOOD – International Version – 7 tracks - $15

Jrock other

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Shazna – Dear September Lovers Live at Budokan ’98 VHS box – T-shirt, bag, VHS, photobook, and LOTS of other goodies, perfect condition, individual items still wrapped and unused – RARE $50 ON HOLD

I am also selling my nearly new mp3 player. I bought it in Tokyo over winter break, and it is in PERFECT condition. I just bought an ipod, so I don't need it. ^_^;; It (obviously) displays Japanese characters, and the menus are all in english. 128mb internal storage, USB, SD card slot for further song storage (*note: you can't play off both at the same time, it's either internal OR SD card). Internal holds about 45 songs, a 512mb SD card holds some 120 songs. You can get 1GB cards now too....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I apologize for the blurriness of the picture....the player measures about 4"x1", and it is very lightweight.

I repeat: This is LIKE NEW. Only bought it in January. Got it on sale, so I thought I'd be generous and sell it for CHEAP, compared to what it retails. ^_^

I still have all the goodies it came with (except the box), never even used the headphones, and I'll even throw in some rechargable AAA batteries (it takes one AAA at a time).

I'd like to ask $100 for it, all of the accessories, and 4 newly purchased and charged AAA rechargable batteries. Hell, if you want, I'll send it with music on it too!

Payment Options

I accept PayPal (credit cards and eChecks OK, just pay the fee), Money Orders, concealed cash (at your own risk), personal check (Check must clear before item ships). In all cases, I must recieve payment before the item ships, and shipping will include delivery confirmation, just to avoid any confusion as to who recieved what when.
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