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Sailor Moon + FFVIII Doujin + Random Anime & Gundam CCG Cards

I made a big mistake xD I bought one of my best friends Sailor Moon volume 7 (the manga), and it turns out she already had it -_-;; I thought she was missing it, but it turns out she was missing #9......BAH.

So I threw it on eBay, and all information and pictures are there: Clicky

Sailor Moon fan club bag + fan club goodies. These are all from the official NA fan club for Sailor Moon. The bag is used, and has some marks on it, but you really have to look for them. Other than that it's in great shape, and all the little stuff with it has never been used and it's practically mint. There is some minor wear on the cards, but nothing major. All of it for $5.00 + shipping. The way the bag is, it isn't easily folded and won't fit in an envelope the right way :x So I'll have to probably ship it priority so it gets there safe :x Flat rate priority is $4.60 and with the little bit of weight it'll be $5.00 (I do not charge for packing materials so it'll cost me more than that but I don't mind :P) So it'll be $10.00 shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Sailor Venus pink base figure. She is an official BanDai figure. She originally came with a piece of candy and a sheet of stickers (I did not buy her that way though, I bought her exactly as you see her). She doesn't have her little foot base (that goes in that hole you see) But as you can also see, she stands totally fine without it. $2.00 + $1.65 shipping anywhere in the U.S.

Seifer/Squall shounen-ai doujin - $10.00 shipped OBO
It's pretty cute. Has a flashback of Seifer and Squall at the orphanage, and a chibi kiss xD Near mint condition.

Japanese CCG Gundam Cards - $3.50 shipped
They are in absolute mint condition. They were included in a lot I bought, but I'm not a Gundam collector anymore and I don't need them and I have no idea which Gundam series it's even from ^^;;

Random Anime NA cards - $3.00 shipped
Once again, I have no idea really about these ^^;; I just bought them for a friend but he already had all of them :( They all say 'Comic Images' on the back and I guess they're all from the same set, but they're each from a different anime series. They are (going from left to right to the bottom one): Trigun, Tenchi Muyo, The Soul Taker, Fushigi Yugi & Slayers. They each have a small paragraph about the anime itself or the situation shown on the card (in English obvioiusly).

I also have the Atsuko Nakajima 'Tsuya' Artbook, but I am very reluctant to part with it........depending on how many are interested in it, and what price is offered, I may sell it.

Payment/Shipping Info:
I accept (and prefer) Paypal, but will also accept cash(ayor) and money orders (in USD only)
I will ship outside the U.S., but shipping will have to be recalculated accordingly.

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