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Doujinshi, dresses, Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, WoW Cards

I'm back again, still a lot of doujinshi left! Desperately want these out of my apartment so I'm more than open to any reasonible offers. 

Also have two dresses, one Chinese and one cocktail, a corset, cherry change purse and some old comics.

Discount shipping for multiple items.

Please have a look, thanks!

All doujinshi are currently going for $22(usd) +shipping.

Most in mint or near mint conditions. Items to be shipped in plastic protective sleeves. I accept Pay pal(buyer covers pay pal fees), money orders, checks or (at buyer's own risk) concealed cash.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Thanks!

PLEASE NOTE: Some covers are sensitive in nature and all of the doujinshi are HENTAI, if you would like cover shots please send me a message as I do not want to violate any rules by posting them. I'm sure it goes without saying but you MUST be 18+ to buy any of these doujinshi, NO EXCEPTIONS.

FINAL NOTE: Please check ebay user Manifested_Dreams for my seller history. Thanks!

1 - Fruits Basket:
Tohru x Kyo

2 - Oh My Goddess/Ah Megami-sama:
Keichi x Belldandy

3 - Bleach:
2 Ichigo x Rukia 
1 Rukia x Byakuya

4 - FF7:
Tifa x Cloud

5 - Sailor Moon:
Makoto x Random Males
Ami X Random Males
Hotaru x herself & inner senshi
Usagi X Ami + Mamoru
All Inner Senshi

8 - Neon Genesis Evangelion:
Hikari x Teacher & Shinji x Rei
Shinji x Rei multiple artists
Shinhi x Rei & Shinji x Asuka
Gendou x Rei & Kaji x Asuka
Shinji x everyone(main female cast)
multiple artists
Shinji x everyone(main female cast)
Shinji x Misato
- multiple pairings, stories and artists

Also available:

Fay Valentine Shirt - $10 or best offer
Initial D shirt - SOLD
Cupcake change purse - $4

Legend of Sage comics - $12 for all or best offer, just want to get rid of them.

Baby blue knee length cocktail dress. Size 7 womens. - $15 or best offer.

Aqua Chinese Dress - SOLD

TRIPP brand Corset, size small, originally cost $45. - $10 or best offer.

YU-GI-OH! Cards, These are all US release cards. I just want to get rid of them ;__;. No clue what to charge, please make offers!:

Holographic picture and name Cards:

1 - 1st Edition Blue Eyes White Dragon
2 - Red-Eyes B. Dragon
1 - Kaiser Sea Horse
1 - Limited Edition Lava Golem
1 - Black Luster Soldier
1 - Darj Magician
1 - Valkyrion the Magna Warrior
1 - Sinister Serpent

Holographic Picture cards:

1 - Dark Magician
1 - Shadow Spell
1 - Monster Reincarnation
1 - Scapegoat
2 - Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Holographic Name Cards:

1 - Magic Drain
1 - Coffin Seller

Regular cards:

2 - Spirit Ryu
2 - Mountain
2 - Just Desserts
2 - Rush Recklessly
2 - Trap Hole
2 - Monster Reborn
Gift of the Mystical Elf
Royal Keeper
Invasion of Flames
Change of heart
La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
Celtic Guardian
Bottomless Shifting Sand
Eagle Eye
Malice Dispersion
Spell Purification
Gravekweeper's Vassal
A Man with WDJAT
Giant Axe Mummy
Infinite Dismissal
Dian Keto The Curse Master
Servant of Catabolism
Castle Walls
Baby Dragon
Karate Man
Troop Dragon
Gearfried the Iron Knight
7 Colord Fish
Princess of Tsurugi
The Reliable Guardian
Mr. Volcano
Thousand Dragon
Island Turtle
Harpie's Brother
Spirit of the Harp
The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave
Mysterious Puppeteer
Patrician of Darkness
Darkfire Soldier #1
Paladin of White Dragon
Malevolent Nuzzler
Luster Dragon #2
White Dragon Ritual
Robotic Knight
Koumori Dragon
Maiden of the Aqua
Yomi Ship
Raging Flame Sprite
Fox Fire
Pyramid Energy


Again I don't know what to charge, I've got a large stack I just want to get rid of. 

Loot Card:
Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit, unscratched 

I don't want to type out all the other cards I have(mainly because I'm lazy) so if anyone is interested please let me know. I've got 200+ cards that I want out of here.

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