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Hey guys, just updated again! Here's what's going on:

>Reduced prices! Some items, especially on the Japanese page, have been reduced in order to move the items. This journal might be going dead (temporarily) for a while since it's a pain to update.
>Freebies!! If you purchase something, get a bonus for free! If you don't buy something, just pay shipping and it's yours!
>There's a bunch of manga, figures, and doujinshi, about half of it being yaoi!
>Series/brands include: Naruto, Death Note, Trigun, D-Grey Man, Getbackers, Harry Potter, Kera, Hello Kitty, Corpse Bride, etc.
>On the actual journal(sushisalez) there are other things like clothes and video games!
>As of this moment, everything is completely up to date! Stuff that isn't available is marked as so!

Here is the Japanese page!

また きて ね!

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