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Sorry, I haven't posted here before...
And even *more* sorry that I don't have pictures, because I don't have a digital camera, but if really needed, I could see if I can get a friend to take pictures...
I'm so desperate for money, so I'm trying to sell stuff...
Uhm. If you'll be Godly and buy something, you can come up with some price if it's reasonable? Comment here, or e-mail me at

.hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet (English) Volume 1
Saiyuki (English) Volume 1
The Candidate for Goddess (English) Volume 1
Japanese Shounen Jump (From 2003, cover features Mr. Fullswing)
American Shounen Jump (Can't remember the date, front cover is ripped, and first two or three pages after that a bit bent, but otherwise in good condition)

Anime videos:
Magic Knights Rayearth (Subtitled) 1 and 2
Dragon Ball Z: Revealed (Dubbed, episodes 68-69)
Dragon Ball Z: Death of a Prince (Dubbed, episodes 70-72)
Dragon Ball Z: Clash (Dubbed, episodes 73-75)
Dragon Ball Z The Movie: Dead Zone (Dubbed, uncut)
Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf (Dubbed)
Pokemon: Pikachu Party (Dubbed)

Anime DVDS:
DNAngel (Japanse import, thus subbed in English and Chinese, episodes 1-4) Volume 1
ADV anime trailers (Has a *ton* of trailers, and I probably have eight of these.

Anime posters:
Ninja Scroll advertisment (Double sided)
Anime network: Aura Battler Dunbine (Which is a *very* beautiful poster, so I should post a picture if I'm able to)
Sammy Sosa/Strange Dawn, Strange World (It's double-sided...)

.hack// (Playing cards + the clear, plastic case)
Final Fantasy VIII (Playing cards + the clear, plastic case)
Final Fantasy X-2 (Playing cards + the clear, plastic case)
X TV (Trading cards, they're all in good condition, opened, but I still have the pack and it's opened in the back so you can still see the pretty shiny-ness)
...And tons of Pokemon cards. xD

Yami no Matsuei drama CD

Chun-Li statue (Probably about four or five inches tall, take out of the boxing, but I still have that all intact *taped together*)
Yuna *FFX* - silver (I have the box for that, too, and the stand)

The King of Fighters 1998 (In good condition, except the front game cover *The cover itself, not the booklet* has a sticker on it from when I bought it that I haven't been able to get off. PlayStation game)
Kingdom Hearts guide

Something else:
Fan (Black cloth, slightly see-through, with a purple dragon, trimmed in yellow-gold, bought from some Japanese store)
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