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Selling Japanese Manga

Selling 50+ manga volumes (mostly Japanese, some English). Shoujo, shounen-ai, and shounen manga. Location: USA. Payment: Paypal. Cut for more info.

Shipping from Florida, USA. For shipments within the USA, we'll set shipping to $4 USD (for like 1-6 books) for media mail shipping with a tracking number. Will ship another method if you prefer it, but it'll probably cost more. Outside the USA will be higher, though I'd have to look up rates. Payment via Paypal for ease and security. Manga will be sold in sets only (ex, if I own 3 vols of a series, all 3 must be sold together).
Any questions, post below, or just email me at

An * denotes that the manga has been scanned, and therefore has creases in the spine. Otherwise, books are in good to mind condition. More pictures available upon request.

Shoujo Manga
1-2: *K no Souretsu v1-2 by Kusumoto Maki $8 total
3: Hane Glass no Kimi by Misuzu Asaoka $3
4: Blue Ramun v1 by Yuuki Ryou $4
5: Hare Tokidoki Tenshi by Hirone Shii $3
6-7: Meikai Rakugo v1-2 by Miki Rinno $6 total
8: Magician Brothers Syd & Lid v1 by KiKi (some water damage) $3
9: Electric Mermaid by Momokawa Haruhiko $3
10: *Shokugyou Tenshi by Fujikawa Touko $4
11: Vamp Killer by Kirishima Tamaki $4
12: RA-I by Matou Sanami $4
13: Repure by Mia Ikumi $3
14: Hotaruzukiyo ni Kimi no Na o by Hirone Shii $3
15: Nishi no Tsuki Higari no Taiyou v1 by Yuuko Kuwabara $3
16: Junk A by Nanten Yutaka $3
17-18: Ashita no Tamago v1-2 (complete) by Kaimu Tachibana $6 total
19: *Kobatotei Ibun by Takano Miyako $4
20: Kowarehajimeta Tenshi-tachi v1 by Tsuzuki Setsuri $3

Shounen Manga
1-2: Monochrome Factor 1-2 by Sorano Kairi $8
3-4: Switch v1,3 by Naked Ape $8 total
5: *Zone 00 v1 by Kyujo Kiyo $4
6: Stigmata v1 by Ko Yasung $4
7: Majinaru by Dairaku Masahiko $3
8: *Gareki no Eden by Yoshikawa Hiroyasu $3

Shounen-ai Manga
1-4: Lebadang Kibou no Hana v1-4 by Mitomo Togawa $12 total
5-6: Yami no Kodou v1-2 by Kada Michiru $8 total
7-8: *Tsuki to Mizu no Yoru v1-2 (complete) by Kajiwara Niki $8 total
9: Horizon by Tamaki Fuji $4
10-12: *Na mo Naki Tori ni Tobu Yoake (Innocent Bird) v1-3 (complete) by Kisaragi Hirotaka $12 total
13: Macaroni v1 by Mamahara Ellie $4

Shi ga Futari o Wakatsu Made (Until Death do us Part) v1-2 story by Sakae Maeda, art by Kyoko Negishi $6 total

Model 1-7 (complete) by Lee So-Young $40 total
Les Bijoux 1-5 (complete) by Park Sang Sun $25 total

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