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Selling: Old jrock mags (1999, 2004-2006etc) jrock goods, anime, etc

Hi everyone :D

I'm looking to sell basically every jrock item I have amassed in the past 4 years. This includes old (mint condition) magazines, tour goods, CDs, etc.
I also have some anime and Japanese fashion related goods to sell. If you are interested, please have a look!

Sales policy:
-All items ship from Japan. Paypal fees and costs of packaging (envelope, etc) will be calculated into shipping costs.
-Seller does combine shipping.
-Seller accepts paypal ONLY.
-Seller is not accepting trades at this time. (Sorry, I need to pay bills and shit, as do we all.)
-Seller ships on Thursdays (I may be able to find time to ship on other days depending on how my schedule goes, but Thursday is the only definite day I can make it to the post office during hours)
-Seller is not responsible for lost or damaged packages that have not been insured. (Insurance will cost extra)
-Finally, most importantly, seller will NOT hold items. Please do not reserve something if you can't pay.


Merry tourgoods lot: Includes promotional fan, Kuroji-kun pass case, a notebook (has some wear on the cover from age, inside is perfect. The inside paper has a picture of the band on it and the logo) and a pill case that has chibi pictures of all the members and the logo (♥) All items from 2006 except for the fan which is from 2007/summer. $40 for the lot (including shipping to anywhere in the world)SOLD

(More VK goods under the cut)


ALL mint condition, ALL $10 each unless otherwise stated (not including shipping; please note that all printed media will cost around $7 to ship)

*.PopBeat 98-99 yearbook (has some age on the cover from wear, inside is in great condition) Features La'cryma Christi, TM Revolution, Malice Mizer, Pierrot, Luna Sea, etc!
Rock and Read volume 2 featuring Kiyoharu/Daishi/Mao/Gara/etc ($5 plus shipping; tiny bit of fading along the spine from being exposed to the sun)

*UV issue from 2005, features Kirito, Tourbillion, Buck-Tick, etc.
Shoxx 2004/Oct featuring Plastic Tree (NOTE-Does not come with poster. I still have the poster somewhere, but it has tape on it and is not in great condition due to being hung and rehung and from age. I can throw it in if you want it, though.)

Look under the cut for the rest (Old issues of Fool's Mate, accessories, tour goods, plush, CDs, etc)

Magazines and printer matter, continued

* Fool's Mate August 2005 featuring Kirito
Fool's Mate June 2006 featuring Merry, Pierrot's break-up

* Fool's Mate July 2006 featuring Kirito/Kohta/Takeo
Fool's Mate August 2006 featuring Kiyoharu

*Fool's Mate April 2005featuring Kirito
Fool's Mate May 2005featuring Kiyoharu

* Fool's Mate June 2005 featuring Janne Da Arc
Fool's Mate July 2005 featuring Tourbillion

*Neo genesis Autumn 2005featuring Merry on one cover, Kirito on the other
Fool's Mate August 2004 Pierrot cover. Also featuring Dir en Grey, Merry, Mucc, etc

* Fool's Mate November 2004 Pierrot cover, also featuring Dir en grey, Miyavi, Mucc etc
Fool's Mate December 2004 Gara/Merry and Tatsurou/Mucc cover, has coverage on Beauti-Fool's 2004, etc

*Pierrot fanclub magazines: Arlequin TOME and Followers. $5 each. All Followers mags are in perfect condition (I got these through the fanclub myself, looked through them once then stuck them on a shelf) Both TOMEs are in good condition but have wear on the covers due to age.
TOME # 4, 16
Followers #1, 4, 6-11 (last issue D:) available

*Death Note Official Movie Guide $10 -Came out in conjunction with the first Death Note movie. Has a pull out poster of Shiori drawn by the manga artist, the first chapter of the manga, full color pictures and interviews with the cast, etc.
sample of the inside


*Deorart wristband $6.50
*Super Lovers slapbracelet $5 SOLD
*Black spade choker $4
*deadman phone strap (From Takamasa's last live...this doesn't belong in this section. Oh well XD;) $6

*Lolita nail set $10 (never been used, in box, box has some wear)

CDs and goods

*TRAX Scorpio (first press, comes with obi) $8
*D'espairs Ray Gemini (first press, comes with DVD) $12
*Aikaryu: Aye!Sir(full album) and single (forget the name, it's the one with Medical Shower on it) set for $16

*Michihiro Kuroda set (Former vocalist of Iceman) $40 including shipping
Comes with:
First press album, SEED (C/W photocards) (booklet is signed)
First press single, Emotion/Watercolors
Promo Tower Records postcard
4 postcards (old)
2006 Calendar cards
pictures: one, two, three.

*Merry trading cards random cards from set 1, includes a rare Like an Edison Tetsu card. $15/set

Anime related

*Princess Mononoke Yakkul plush RARE, new with tags. $25


That's everything I have pictures for. I also have TONS of Pierrot merchandise (tour goods, books, shirts, stickers, you name it) but I didn't bother photographing it for now as I am not sure if anyone is interested. Anyone interested? If so leave a comment and I will post them based on the level of response I get.

I also have a bunch of used VK brand clothing. Putumayo, Superlovers, Algonquins, etc. Some of it is in decent condition, but most of it is in C- worn condition. Nothing has stains or anything, but lots of it has "fuzzies" from being in the washer countless times and stuff. If there is anyone out there who really just wants to wear stuff from these brands and doesn't care about condition too much, I will sell this stuff for dirt cheap based on interest. (Not including shipping). I really don't want to lug them with me when I move, but I feel bad just throwing them away, so I thought I'd offer them up here first. If anyone is thinking they might be interested, let me know. If I get a few responses I will post pictures and prices. (Which will most likely not be above $10 per item). Let me know!!

That's it. Any questions, feel free to ask. ^_____^ Thanks for looking!

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