⌒☆Red (redstars) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Cheap sales~! More items added! :3

I really need all of this gone. I'm open to reasonable offers on anything. :D

Sticker sheets - 50c each, 3/$1 - Sailor Moon sold

Misc. Stuff - some pics soon

Starship Operators mini pencilboard - $1

Sailor Moon Puzzle - $2. All pieces included. Never used, but opened.

Beyblade tops (from Cheese strings) - 25 cents each. Sakura figure 50c, Digimon figure 25c.

Haruka Minami mini clearfile "Flowery Virgin Soil" - $5

Material Knight postcard - 50c

Ergo Proxy postcard - 50c

Large FMA postcard - 50c

Dir en grey postcard from FVT - has a few marks on it - 25c

pic soon

Pokemon things:

Medals - $2 each

Carrying case - $1

Talking Eevee and Togepi - $3/each, $5/both. Eevee has initials written on the bottom. Both still work.

Eevee puzzle (missing 4 pieces) free, Pokedex (needs batteries) - $1.50 POKEDEX ON HOLD

Figures/capsules - Figures are 25 cents each (large) 15 cents each (small). Capsules are 50 cents each. Small Eevee and Squirtle sold.

Cards & Stickers - all 25 cents each, 5 for $1. (unless marked otherwise)

All Pokemon (includes ALL cards & stickers, 50-ish not pictured - $5)

All YYH - $1

All DBZ - $3

Gundam cards - all for $2

Team Rocket sticker sold.

This is a full deck. $3 alone, or included in the "Buy all for $5" deal.

Books, Magazines, Doujin

Pokemon chapter books - used condition, but not horrible. Some wear on the spines and maybe a couple bends in the covers. I'd like $10 for all of them, or $2/each.

Ranma 1/2 8.10 and 10.10 - $2 each

Shadow Lady: The Awakening 1/7 and Silent Mobius: Catastrophe #3 - $1 each

For*Eternity 1 - 50 cents, Pokemon: Electric Pikachu Booglaoo #3

Animerica Extra Issues - 25 cents each, all for $1

Super Manga Blast #45, also 25 cents, or free with all Animerica Extra.

Newtype USA Issues - $1 each, all for $5

Nakayoshi furoku manga - 50c, CMX preview book - free.

BeBoy Luv issues 4 & 7 - $7 each, $12/both

CoroCoro October 2006 - $1 (comes with all extras)

Video Games/PC Games/CDs

Tea Society of a Witch PC Game - open, damaged box, but never played. $5

Final Fantasy VIII(8) PS1 game. - bought used, never played because... I'm not a gamer. xD; I don't know why I bought it. - $5 (3/4 discs are silver, one is white) ON HOLD

pics soon

Digimon: The Movie US soundtrack - bought years ago, haven't listened to it in easily 5 years. $1

Nami Tamaki "Greeting" - US release - $5.

Stellvia OST - "Sound Wave of Stellvia" US release - $5

-Dir en grey - Withering to Death US release w/DVD - $7


All pics coming soon~!

Desert Punk Vol. 5 - still sealed, selling for a friend. He'd like $10, but will take offers.

Weiss Kreuz/Knight Hunters VHS (Dub) - All volumes (1-5) for $3.

Pokemon - First three movies + Mewtwo Returns - $1 each, $3/all ON HOLD

Digimon movie - $1 ON HOLD

Doll Stuff

MSD Jean jacket - 5oc. F2BM top sold.

MSDBlue check shirt - $2. Barbie top for tinies - 50c.

SD jacket from Build a Bear - $2

Shirou Tachibana default eyes - $30/shipped or best offer. MSD eyes sold

Top left wig available - Dark brown Monique 4-5". $3

SD13 cross top. Long sleeved white shirt with a black cross on the front. Too big for my Abio Angel boy. Excellent condition - $10

Volks white tank top - $3, striped shirt - $4

Blue MSD "capri" pants - $2 (darker than picture). Black Build-a-Bear pants - $2 (big on SD).

If you have any questions, please ask me! I'm willing to make deals to get this stuff out. I have 100% positive feedback on ebay under alex_shin_deisaki.

Everything is being shipped from Canada. :)

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