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+ I got this about two years ago and ended up only wearing this twice, despite how much I like it! The pictures speak for itself and really, I don't know what to ask for it nor do I remember what I paid at the time. So, I will take the highest offer for it. I will be taking offers until Sunday lunchtime [UK time] and will be cross-posting this aswell. Feel free to ask any questions ^^; I'll let you know if I recieve a higher offer incase you wanted to go a little higher. But that's entirely up to you.

I live in the UK, and do encourage international buyers to buy insurance [an additional $7.92], but it's not compulsory. I just encourage it to make sure that everything gets to the other ends safely. But the post, knock on wood, has been pretty good to me. Despite being a little slow at times ¬_¬;

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