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Manga + PoT bromides for sale

All what's left from my last sale;

Mostly in excellent condition

Angel sanctuary vol 1 - £3

Fruit Basket vol 2 - £3
Fruit Basket vol 3 - £3
Fruit Basket vol 4 - £2 small bend on the top corner of the cover (shown in the picture)
Fruit Basket vol 6 - £3
Fruit Basket vol 7 - £3
Fruit Basket vol 8 - £3

PoT bromides

Part 11 - Illumination version.
All brand new.

Momoshiro  £2
Kikumaru £2
Echizen £2
Special Echizen £6

I only take Paypal. Shipping NOT included in price and depends on how much is bought and where to. I'll be shipping them from UK ^^
Tags: collectibles, manga: english

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