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I am going to leave to Asia in a short while so I need to sell all of these items ASAP .
Shipping will be $2.50 for one manga &i will do combine shipping :]
Shipping for other items will be calculated .
I accept Paypal, Moneyorder, Checks, &Concealed Cash . 
All items are in US DOLLARS .

Chobits Vol. 3 $2
Chobits Vol. 4 $3
Chobits Vol. 7 $4
Crossroad Vol. 1, 2 $5 each
D.N. Angel Vol. 3 $4
Doubt!! Vol. 2&3 $4 each
Dragon Knights Vol. 3&4 $4 each

Hayate the Combat Butler Vol. 1 $4
Love Hina Vol. 2 $2
Punch Vol. 1&2 $4 each
Tokyo Mew Mew Vol. 2&3 $4 each
Tokyo Mew Mew Vol. 5 $3 


FFX-2 Featuring Yuna, Rikku, &Paine $10

Inuyasha Feauturing Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, &Sesshomaru $10

Gackt Poster $7


Well most of these stuff was bought in asia &if you want to see a better picture of it feel free to ask(:

Notebooks Set $4 each [Conan notebook SOLD]

Taiwanese Postcard $5 [its really cool , its those type where if you move its angle then you see another picture]

Happy Cutie Binder $3 [I added some Sailor Moon extras in there as well ^__^]

Hello Kitty Wallet $3

Sesshomaru Patch $5

Ten-Ten, Kakashi, &Naruto figures Set $10 or $4 each

It Started With A Kiss Sticker Sheet $3

Naruto Sticker Sheet $3

Naruto Sticker Sheet $2

Naruto &Monokuro Boo Sticker Sheets $1.50 each

Naruto, Pokemon, &Prince of Tennis Stcikers $1.50 each

Bunny, DBZ, &Pooh Sticker Sheets $2 each

Piggy &Naruto stickers $1each

Frog &Naruto Stickers $1each
Type your cut contents here.

Frog Water Holder $3
Tags: manga: english, posters, stationery

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