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S.I.A. | S.E.A.

Video Games, Etc.

Hello theeeere! :) This is my first selling post, so I'm not really sure how to go on about it.

For the Nintendo DS

Animal Crossing Wild World: $30.00 + Shipping

Final Fantasy Revenant Wings: $30.00 + Shipping

Nintendogs Dachshund & Friends: $25.00 + Shipping

Pokemon Pearl: $30.00 + Shipping

PS2 Games

The Da Vinci Code: $15.00 + Shipping

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented: $50.00 + Shipping

Legacy Of Kain Defiance: $10.00 + Shipping

The Sims 2: $10.00 + Shipping

Final Fantasy X: $10.00 + Shipping

Final Fantasy X-2: $10.00 + Shipping

Final Fantasy XII: $15.00 + Shipping

EDIT: And here are the pictures of the DS for those who are interested!

Right now, I can only accept concealed cash, or money orders (in US dollars), though concealed cash is preferred. I'm also not looking to trade at the moment.

All the games are in mint condition, seeing as I rarely play them, but I bought a few secondhand, so those have light scratches at the bottom. You can't really see them, unless you put them directly under a light, and they all play perfectly.

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