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Everything must go

So I'm editing this form last night. basically, I really need to make some extra $$$.  Ignore the prices listed below and make your own bargain. Tell me what you want and what you can pay, or buy a bundle of items according to the prices below of $10-12worth and choose 1 item any item for free ^_^

-All items come from a smoke free home located in Utah. 
-Shipping fees can be determined once I receive a comment with what items are of interests and the mailing zip-code of where the interested party resides.
-All prices are in USD
-I will ship outside the USA.

available issues:
2006: June,  Sept.,
2007 January
 all for $7USD or 3.00 each

Ceres Issue w/ an interview from Yu watase
Vol 9 #4
Price $3.00

Kia Asamiya- is the pen-name of a popular Japanese manga artist Michitaka Kikuchi whose work spans multiple genres.

Love &Chaos collection  vol 1-5 sold as a set

Silent Mobius- Into the labrynth Vol3

Price 1.50

Mobius Klien
Single issue not a series
Price $3.00

also by
Kia Asamiya

No. 2
Price $1.50.....will throw in for free if the  love and chaos collection above is purchased^_^

Sticker collection comes with 5 out of the 6 sheets it was packaged with. I cant seem to find the sticker sheet of Nagisa Kaworu. Other wise, the set is complete and in Mint Condition.
 Rare Item.
Price $8.00

$3.00 ea or 2 for $5.00....or super bargain all 6 for 12.00
The devil Does Exist Vol 4
Hot Gimmick vol 10
KIss Me KIll Me Vol 2
Sweat & Honey
Senula Phase vol 15
Over Rainbow Vol 1

Slayers Anime Trading cards #1- 45 in card sleeves-Mint Condition
$5.00... but will lower the price if bundled with other items

Sakura Lami Cards

Black Heaven promo card

Vamprie miyu rabit character, nadisco kitty, matsumune shirow art work card
ah my godess, Utena, matsumune Shirow art card, Escaflowne lami card

Any 4 cards (except slayers) for $1.00 or all 10 for 2.00

Argentosoma vol.1  5 episodes 125 mins long.
Generator Gawl Volume 1. Three episodes

Each 5.00 or both for  $8.00

all 8 cards for $1.00

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