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Malice Mizer - Live at Budokan DVD (bootleg)

Hey guys! ^-^

I just got this 'Malice Mizer - Live at Budokan DVD'in the mail like 20 mintues ago--and when I popped it in the DVD player, I realized that this wasn't the concert that I wanted--as it's Gackt-less ;_;
I meant to buy the Merveilles concert featuring Gackt--does anyone know where I can buy a bootlegged version btw? I've had no luck >_<

Anyway, since this is of no interest to me--I'm selling it for $10.00, $4.00 shipping to Canada and the US.
OR if anyone had the Merveilles concert DVD they'd want to trade for it *-*

I only opened the thing once, 20 mintues ago to watch it--and put it back in the case 2 minutes later after figuring out it was the wrong concert--so it's in mint condition as you can imagine >P

Any questions--please ask! ^o^



I've got 100% positive feeback on Ebay, so I can be trusted ^-^
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