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Your blood, your bones, your voice, & your ghost.

Manga, DVDs, ANGELIC PRETTY, DBZ & Pokemon cards, & an ultra rare Rei Ayanami statue.

Manga: Sailor V, Sailor Moon, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Cardcaptor Sakura, Othello, Chobits, Paradise Kiss, Fruits Basket, Flowers of the Deep Sleep, Princess Ai, Kare Kano, Doll, Alichino, Angel Sanctuary.

DVDs: Chobits, Grave of the Fireflies, Escaflowne.

Lolita: AP Alice Bow, BtSSB Bolero.

Collectibles: Ultra rare 25" tall Rei Ayanami statue, DBZ trading cards, Pokemon card lot.

THIS ALL REALLY NEEDS TO GO!!! I'm moving in just over a month and I can't keep any of this!!!

This is my first time selling on garagesalejapan, but you can check out my eBay feedback here:*coema*&ftab=AllFeedback&myworld=true

I accept Paypal only, and all prices include shipping within the lower 48 United States. Ask me about shipping anywhere else, it probably won't cost much more. All prices are in USD. Insurance is optional, ask me about it. If you are paying with a debit or credit card through Paypal, PLEASE make sure to add 3% of the total cost to your payment, to cover the additional Paypal fees! Do this by multiplying the total by 1.03. :D

Feel free to barter with me on prices if you think any of my prices are unfair. Ask if you have any questions or want more detailed pictures.

PAYPAL TO: ((remove dashes))

All items sold after 5/2 afternoon will be shipped the following Saturday, unless there is a rush.


Sailor V #2 in Japanese. From the original 4 book release of Sailor V. In pristine condition. $8 shipped.

ITEMS 2 & 3:

Sailor V 1 & 2, the complete Sailor V collection from the 2 book re-release of the series. It has the original 4 books condensed into 2. Pristine condition, Japanese, $18 for both shipped or $10 each shipped. SOLD!

ITEMS 3 & 4:

Sailor Moon 7 & 9, in English. Covers have some minor superficial damage, pages are excellent and entirely readable. $12 for both shipped, or $7 each shipped. SOLD!


Sailor Moon Stars 2, in English. Excellent condition, $7 shipped. SOLD!


Full Moon wo Sagashite 1, in English. Pristine condition. $7 shipped.

ITEMS 7 & 8:

Cardcaptor Sakura 4 & 6, in excellent condition. $12 set shipped, $7 each shipped. SOLD!


Othello 1, in English. Pristine condition, $7 shipped.

ITEMS 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, & 17:

Entire Chobits manga 1-8 in English. #1 has some minor superficial damage on the spine, nothing that effects the inside. The rest are in excellent-pristine condition. $50 shipped for all 8 or $7 each shipped.

ITEMS 18, 19, 20, 21, & 22.

Paradise Kiss complete manga 1-5, in English. New covers, pristine condition. $30 shipped for all 5 or $7 each shipped.

ITEMS 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, & 34:

Fruits Basket 1-12 in English, all in excellent-pristine condition. $75 for all 12 shipped or $7 each shipped.

ITEMS 35 & 36:

Flowers of the Deep Sleep 1 & 2, in English. Pristine condition. Selling this as a set only, for $14 shipped. SOLD!

ITEM 37:

Princess Ai 1, in English. Minor superficial damage to the cover ((creasing)), inside of the book is excellent. $6 shipped.

ITEM 38:

Kare Kano 1, in English. In excellent condition, $6 shipped.

ITEM 39:

Doll 1, in English. In pristine condition, $7 shipped.

ITEM 40:

Alichino 1, in English. In pristine condition, $7 shipped.

ITEMS 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, & 47:

Angel Sanctuary 1-7, in English. All are in excellent to pristine condition. $45 for all 7 shipped or $7 each shipped.

ITEMS 48, 49, 50, & 51:

Sailor Moon Chix Comix 25, 28, 29, & 32. All are in good-excellent condition, some minor bending on the corners of the pages but nothing that effects the reading. All 4 shipped for $12, or $4 each shipped.

ITEM 52:

Ultra rare statue of Rei Ayanami, slightly larger than 1/3 scale, ~25 inches tall. Her body is one solid piece, her head and base are held on by metal rods. She is solid and weighs quite a bit, and is at least 8 years old. She is in excellent condition, I've only taken her out of the packaging she was shipped in twice, once to see her at first, and once for these pictures. She originally cost $250 + 18.50 shipping. Give me your zip code and I'll tell you the shipping cost, it will probably be around $22+. If you want detailed pictures of her or pictures of her next to a ruler for scale, please just ask. :)

ITEM 53:

Escaflowne the Movie DVD, English version. English dubs/Japanese with English subs. Some damage to the case but the DVD and insert are perfectly fine, as well as the cover liner. $7 shipped.

ITEM 54:

Grave of the Fireflies DVD, English version. English dubs/Japanese with English subs. Cover and DVD are in perfect condition, no insert. $7 shipped.

ITEM 55:

Chobits series DVD disc 1, English version. English dubs/Japanese with English subs. Minor damage to the case, but the DVD, insert, and cover liner are perfectly fine. $7 shipped.

ITEM 56:

BtSSB Princess Bolero in pinkxwhite. This bolero is AWESOME, and will make you feel like a princess. However I've sold everything I had to coordinate with it, so I should probably let this go too. I've only worn it once, besides to try it on, and to take these pictures. $100 shipped. SOLD!

ITEM 57:

AP Alice bow in blackxwhite. Worn a handful of times, in good condition. Asking $25 shipped.

ITEM 58:

Holographic DBZ trading crads. Set only, $4 mailed.

ITEM 59:

Lot of 35 OLD Pokemon cards, from the mid 90's. 13 are holographic. All are in excellent to pristine condition. Set only, $5 mailed.
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